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Search recruitment consultant Fiona Todd took part in the East Renfrewshire leg of the Queen's Baton Relay on Wednesday 16th July, here's her play by play of how the day went!

Wednesday 16th July 2014 - East Renfrewshire

"When myself, Lauren and Shannon arrived in Uplawmoor on Wednesday morning we couldn’t believe how dark and rainy the quiet wee village was. It was 6:15am and the only reason we knew we were in the right place was one branded shuttle bus in the corner of the local primary school’s car park.

Fast forward an hour and a half; a trip to the community hall; and a cup of tea and croissant later…and the whole place had transformed! We stepped on to the street to see crowds of locals, police escorts and motorbikes, and masses of photographers and journalists. Music was playing and the village really had turned out in their masses.

I didn’t expect to be quite as overwhelmed as I was when the baton was placed in my hand. Because of nerves and excitement (and the weight of it!) – I had to carry it with both hands for my first few yards! We were advised to follow a big BBC media truck (which was steaming live online); so after a slow walk to begin, it sped up and I was off on my 250m jog.

The police escorts were incredible. Jogging on either side of me, they clapped and cheered and got the crowd shouting my name. They encouraged me to speak to the kids at the roadside and pose for pictures with the local first aid team.

It truly was a remarkable experience and something I will treasure forever. I’m so grateful to Search for picking me to represent the business and I know Lauren and Shannon feel the same way. Special thanks also to Rachel Campbell in Marketing for getting up at silly o’clock to take some 300 pictures of us on the day!"

If you are in East Dunbartonshire tomorrow then please give our Search employees Scott, Lisa, Gavin, Diana and James a big cheer as they are running this leg of the Queen's Baton Relay!