One Day Interview: Julie McCormack

In August, Search Consultancy launched a new company-wide charity initiative: One Day.

As part of One Day, all Search staff now have the opportunity to apply for one day's paid leave which can be spent volunteering at a registered charity of their choice.

The programme has been really well received, with plenty of volunteers already stepping forward! We caught up with our very first One Day-er, Julie McCormack, from the Search Glasgow office to find out how she got on...   

  • What charity did you volunteer for and why?
    I volunteered to work with Glasgow Life for the day. I had become aware of their activities to introduce more children to sport and was keen to get involved!
  • What activity did you take part in?
    I spent the day assisting coaches at a children's camp designed to introduce young people to athletics.
  • What did you gain from your experience?
    I was able to see what the athletics association does at a base level, attracting new members and introducing young children to exercise as a fun activity.
  • What do you think the charity gained from your volunteering?
    I have experience working with children and am confident in interacting with them, helping to make the activities run smoothly and the children enjoy them. 
  • Do you think that your voluntary activity was worthwhile?
    Yes. Whilst I kept the children entertained, the young adult coach was able to focus on setting up the day's activities. The camp as a whole is very good for introducing athletics to children, giving them a focussed activity during school holidays and experience of sports they can expect to see on television as part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
  • Will you continue to volunteer in some capacity?
    Yes, I have left my details for future events and have spoken to one of the adult coaches of the Scotstoun Harriers, with a view to future volunteering!

Thanks to Julie for volunteering and taking the time to speak to us! Here are a few snaps from her One Day:


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