Part 1: The Pre-application Process

Thinking of applying to a graduate program? Below are some basic essentials that every graduate should consider before beginning the application process.

First and foremost, it's vital to check that the program you are looking into is right for you. Look at the entry criteria and ensure that the qualifications you have attained match what is needed to apply. Having determined that your academic results are satisfactory, you should then carefully consider all aspects of the training scheme and determine whether the opportunities offered are relevant to your career aspirations. Does the company you are applying to operate within a sector you are interested in? Do the duties/responsibilities offered correspond with your goals/capabilities/interests? Indeed, with most graduate programs lasting between 1-3 years, it's essential that you approach the entire process with as much enthusiasm as possible - something that will come naturally if you are genuinely interested in the job! 

Most employers utilise graduate programs as a tool for creating skilled new employees who will contribute to the future success of their business. As most graduate schemes combine key skills training with on-the-job experience, graduates who are accepted onto a program can typically expect to receive advanced training packages, the flexibility to move across departments within a company and the opportunity to build a large knowledge and skills base. Graduate programs are also more likely to provide higher salaries than those offered to post-graduates who go straight into the jobs market from University. Other potential benefits associated with graduate recruitment programs include:

  • Performance-related bonuses
  • Pension schemes
  • Private healthcare
  • Support in furthering education
  • Opportunities to study for a professional qualification

Considering the incentives involved, it's unsurprising that the majority of graduate programs receive hundreds of applications each year. With so much competition for these limited spots, it's absolutely vital that you market yourself and your capabilities as best as possible - something which we'll be discussing in Part 2: The Application Process. Subscribe today to avoid missing out!