A day in the life of a Call & Contact Centre Representative

A day in the life of a Call & Contact Centre Representative
A day in the life of a Call & Contact Centre Representative

posted 18 Dec 23

Working in call and contact centre can provide a wealth of opportunities for bonuses and career progression. Many roles offer the potential for commission as well as flexible working and training opportunities.  

If you’re considering a career in contact centres but want to understand what the role might involve, read on. We have valuable insight from a call and contact representative candidate we recently placed on what their typical working day looks like: 

08:30 am  The day starts at 8:30 am, which gives me enough time to grab a coffee on my way in and check my emails. I’ll start the day by chatting with my colleagues and then we’ll have a team meeting. Here, we’ll get important updates and be briefed on the work and priorities for the day. Then it’s time to log on and get ready to take calls.  

10:30am  After a couple of hours taking urgent calls and dealing with customer enquiries, I’ll set time aside to respond to some of the more complex requests I get. This might mean talking with other departments, like technical or finance, which gives me a good overview of the business in general. The longer you work in an industry, the easier it is to deal with enquiries but at first, I worked with lots of other people within the team to make sure my customers’ queries were resolved whilst learning from my peers.

12:30 pm  Time for lunch! As I’m back to working in the office, I make the most of being in the city centre and visit the cafes and restaurants near my building. Whilst I was working from home, I missed visiting local businesses and now we’re back, I love to try new places with my colleagues.   

13:30 pm  After lunch, I set aside some time to work on a customer experience project I’ve been involved in. We’re always trying to make sure our customers get the best experience possible, so I’ve been working with managers on how we can improve this. As I speak with customers daily, I use my insights to inform the customer satisfaction strategy. This makes me feel like I’ve had an impact on the way the business is run and offers some variation to my workload. 

15:30 pm  Now it’s mid-afternoon, and I need a coffee. We have a coffee shop on-site so I’ll go and get a drink and some fresh air to clear my head. When I get back, I chat with some of my colleagues and see if there are any areas they’d like my support on. We work in quite a collaborative business and often work together to reach end goals.  

16:00 pm  I’ll spend the last hour of the day responding to customer enquiries and boxing off any work I need to complete. At the end of the day, I’ll write my to-do list for tomorrow and tidy my desk ready to go home! 

If this sociable, collaborative approach to work sounds appealing, get in touch with our Call & Contact Centre team to find out how we can place you in your perfect job, or browse our current roles today.