Retaining top talent with effective learning and development programmes

Retaining top talent with effective learning and development programmes
Retaining top talent with effective learning and development programmes

posted 24 Apr 23

Retaining top talent is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and successful in the long run.

While offering competitive salaries and benefits is one way to retain employees, an increasingly popular and effective approach is to invest in their Learning & Development (L&D), with businesses encouraging employees to improve their learning, resulting in up to 50% higher engagement and retention rates. By providing employees with the opportunity to develop new skills and advance their careers, companies can improve not only employee engagement and retention rates but also business performance.

According to LinkedIn's 2022 Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees surveyed claimed they would remain with a company longer if there were better investments in their learning.

How to engage employees in L&D programmes

To engage employees in L&D programmes, companies can offer a range of training programmes that align with business goals and meet the needs of their employees. Based on your company needs and business goals, some popular training programmes your company can implement include; Onboarding, Soft Skill Training, Compliance Training, Sales Training, and Management Training.

Let’s take a closer look at what these involve and how these could make a difference to your business.

  • Onboarding

The onboarding process is crucial in helping new employees feel welcomed and valued. By providing a comprehensive onboarding programme, companies can set a positive tone and establish clear expectations for their employees from the outset.

  • Soft skill training

Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are highly valued by employers. Offering soft skill training programmes can help employees develop these critical skills, enhancing their job performance and overall effectiveness.

  • Compliance training

Companies must comply with various legal and regulatory requirements, and compliance training can help ensure that employees are aware of these obligations and understand how to fulfil them.

  • Sales training

Sales training programmes can help employees improve their ability to generate revenue for the company, ultimately contributing to business growth and success.

  • Management training

Investing in management training is key to developing strong leaders who can effectively guide and support employees in their career development and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Assessing the effectiveness of L&D programmes

To ensure that L&D programmes are effective, companies must assess their impact and make necessary adjustments. There are several approaches that companies can take to assess the effectiveness of their L&D programmes, including using post-training feedback forms or interviews, quarterly employee surveys, official certificated or end-of-unit/training testing and quizzes.

Equipping managers to lead and support employees

Providing managers with the necessary skills, resources, and objectives is critical for managing employee success. Managers play a crucial role in creating a culture of learning and development and helping employees achieve their career goals. Providing regular check-in sessions to update training and gather feedback from managers is essential, as is providing up-to-date resources and clear, measurable objectives to manage success.

Enhanced learning and development programmes in practice

Search has successfully designed and implemented a comprehensive L&D programme to support employees at each stage in their career. The programme offers a transparent and achievable career development journey with a range of training opportunities from day one. By investing in our internal employees' development, we can ensure employees have the right training, support, and tools at their disposal, improving employee retention rates and business performance, which in turn allows our team to provide a top-quality service to client and candidates.

“I am immensely proud of what the Talent Development team have achieved in this space over the past two years. Our mission is to be a true and authentic learning and development organisation where professional and personal development isn't about taking a one-off course but an ongoing process in which we consistently uncover learning requirements and, most importantly, recognise that the needs of our people differ at every stage of their careers.“  Emma Tugwell, Talent Development Manager

Investing in L&D programmes can significantly improve employee engagement, retention rates, and business performance. To make L&D programmes effective, companies should provide training programmes that align with business goals and meet employees' needs, assess their effectiveness regularly, and equip managers to lead and support employees. By following these strategies and learnings, companies can develop successful L&D programmes that retain top talent and contribute to their overall success.

Our internal L&D programmes allow Search to effectively provide a top quality of service to place top talent while helping clients achieve their business goals. If you are looking to step up your recruitment, trust our specialist teams and contact us today.