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  • IRP,
  • Best Companies,
  • Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For
  • Recruiter Awards - Large Recruitment Agency of the Year
  • Nomination for leadership and training at IRP 2017

Look at some of the awards we give to our STARs:

  • High flyers
  • Annual Awards
  • League of excellence
  • Exemplary employee
  • Long Service Lunch
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Look at the Benefits our STARs recieve at Search:

  • Childcare
  • Cycle scheme
  • Vodaphone employee advantage
  • Search & Save
  • Validated parking
  • Search Charity – 1 day policy
  • Private Healthcare*
  • Pension Scheme*
  • Company Car / car allowance*
  • Mobile phones*
  • Laptop*
  • Tablet*
  • Paid Parking*

Read some of the things our STARs have to say about working for Search:

A Great Place to Work

“Since starting at Search I feel that I have grown as a consultant and I have learned so much. I have received excellent support, better than anywhere I have worked before. I am proud of working at Search and like to tell people. I think this is a great organisation and I feel like I can be really successful here.”

“Being able to freely approach Senior Management. Friendliness of staff across all levels. Staff benefits. Staff incentives.”

“For me personally, I feel supported and appreciated and I have a great team dynamic. I feel that I can openly talk to my Manager about issues, problems or ideas and they will be taken on board. Great office environment. The training is fabulous. Search definitely isn't a cut throat agency. I believe most Managers will really try and get the best out of their consultants and are on the whole positive and motivational.”

“There is obvious passion for success in the teams from the senior management team, and a significant amount of opportunity in my area of the business. I don't think there is a better opportunity anywhere else for the job I do. It is a big business, which gives us the opportunity to be taken seriously by clients both large and small, but not so big that it feels impersonal. We have good tools to do the job and decent processes. The senior management team are approachable. The opportunities for training and development are really good. I understand what I need to do to advance my career.”

“The team I work in and my manager. We all strive to help each other and my manager constantly pushes for greatness without putting us under any stress or pressure, she listens to your ideas and implements any that are possible.”

Reward & Recognition

“Commission structure is great, reduced working hours give me time to have a home / work life balance, friendly and approachable staff / managers / team.”

“Professional and supportive culture. Good management team and great leader. Great level of reward and recognition for good work/billings. Ongoing development. Excellent Training. Structured career path. Good, transparent earning potential / commission structure. Good incentives - high flyers etc. Great Christmas party!”

“The values that the business lives by and the duty of care to the people who are employed by our employer makes it a great place to work for. If one performs well and consistently, this is a fantastic place to work and stay with. The organisation, genuinely cares for its staff and there are very few organisations out there in the recruitment world which does this as well as Search.”

“Everyone is supportive of each other and I feel that everyone in the business reflects the core values of the organisation. Success and hard work is rewarded which is something I have never experienced before.”

“I am proud to have been associated with Search for 13 years. What I think makes it a great workplace is the fact that as an employee you are treated with respect, given the very best training available in the recruitment market today. We have a CEO who remains as visionary and respected both with the organisation as well as in the wider recruitment market space. I have also worked for other big recruitment firms and they just simply do not compare.”

Inspiring Leadership

“Working for Search is all about working for Debbie and Grahame - it is my belief in them that firstly made me want to work here and will keep me working at Search in the future. I genuinely believe that they care for their employees and our wellbeing - yes we have to return a number each week, month, quarter, H1 & H2 - but I genuinely feel part of this business. Yes I could go and earn more money either on basic or bonus elsewhere - but I won't. In a relatively long career this is only the second time I have felt this way. We are work in progress as a business and now there is a real appetite to change and evolve the business into the business that all that work here know it can be. Lastly the people, the business is full of good people, top to bottom, sales to support to back office. This time next year we will be further ahead than we are now - which is really exciting.”

“Inspirational Leaders! Our team! Great family feel, work well together, genuinely care about how the others are feeling / performing. Great training provided. The courses really are excellent. Little things such as free fruit and ice lollies on a hot day can really perk your day up and feel like you are valued. Everything is black and white and clear cut to receive promotions etc. No favouring people whose faces fit. Very ethical with treatment of temporary candidates. Reward schemes - High Flyers, champagne etc.”

“Visibility and openness of the senior leadership team. You feel you are listened to and appreciated - great incentives for staff.”

“Senior leadership team are visible. Good performance is rewarded well. Managers are given the flexibility and creativity to build their businesses. The culture is led on support and respect rather than fear and obligation. It is fun and doesn't interfere with (my) work life balance.”

Work/Life Balance and Employee Wellbeing

“Search is a brilliant organisation that genuinely cares about their people. I've recently gone through a tough time personally and I couldn't have felt more supported by my colleagues and my managers. It really made a difference to my life in and outside of work.”

 “Great people, great support. A real empathy amongst and for employees. Our senior management are inspiring, charismatic people. They make it easy to want to do a good job. They are accommodating wherever possible. Overall in my office the people are genuinely nice people.”

“The people and the level of enthusiasm throughout the workplace. The managers respect home and family life events and help progress you as a person as well as an employee.”

“The family feel the company has. I feel like almost everyone has each other's best interests at heart and wants to see each other do well and progress. There isn't the usual agency feel to the workplace, it is comfortable, safe and fun to be a part of.”

“Friendly colleagues and visible senior management. The end of month meetings are very good and beneficial to get to know people in other departments. Working here has given me the sense that management and staff really care about their colleagues and their wellbeing.”

Training and Employee Development

“I love the training. To date, I have never had a request for training, be it a course, event, conference, webinar or any other kind of learning, turned down. This is what makes Search unique. I also love the people. Everyone is approachable, from the lowest levels right up to the CEO. It's been a great place to learn from others around me and I've never enjoyed such collaborative relationships in any company I've worked before.”

“The training is fantastic and your hard work is appreciated. The team I work in make me happy to come to work.”

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