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Thousands of people trust us to find them temporary work each week across a wide range of different industries and roles. If you’re looking for work and considering your options, then a temporary job could be just what you need.

With flexibility to work when you need to, weekly pay and immediate starts, many people trust us to find them work every day.

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Temporary work is popular as it provides the flexibility to choose when you work, which is perfect for those that don’t want a traditional 9-5, or in industries that need round-the-clock workers.

Higher-than-average wages for some roles is another benefit to being a Search Associate. Our temporary workforce is specialist, so can often command a higher pay grade than more general workers in the sector. You can also take advantage of Search’s industry contacts and network, so opportunities to work for multiple, well established clients in the industry are common.

Many of the roles are also paid through PAYE, and on a weekly basis with immediate starts, which is perfect for those that need money coming in quickly, or are used to pay periods operating in this manner and don’t want to change to a monthly salary. It also means that candidates no longer need to process their own tax and National Insurance, as this is taken care of by Search.

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Work-life balance

Temping is a great way to achieve that elusive work-life balance. It can allow you the flexibility to have breaks between contracts – allowing you the option to spend time with family during the school holidays, or take longer breaks to travel. But temping doesn’t necessarily have to mean gaps in your employment. Our specialist consultants can work with you to ensure longer-term placements, or back-to-back temp assignments with a variety of employers.


Temping is a great option if you’re not quite sure of the direction you want to take your career. It allows you the flexibility to try a variety of roles and is a great way of getting lots of experience under your belt. And if you have recently left education, or are returning to work after a career break, temping can be an ideal way to gain much valued experience and insight into the type of work you are most suited to.

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Whatever your reasons are for exploring temp work, our experts can guide and advise you on the next steps. To register for temp jobs with Search, you can register online or call or email your local office. We’ll be in touch to arrange a call or even a video call to discuss what you’re looking for.

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Browse and apply for temp jobs across a range of different sectors. With plenty of great roles with immediate starts available, be sure to not miss out.

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