Associates, Temps and Contractors

Associates, Temps and Contractors

At Search, the majority of our temps are what we call Search associates. As a Search associate you are part of a UK wide team of professional agency employees, employed directly by Search whilst working for our clients. 

Becoming a Search associate is an ideal option for anyone who wants to broaden their skills and work experience - and it can be a great way to help you decide on the direction you would like your career to take without the commitments that come with a permanent role. It's also worth remembering that many permanent roles started out as temporary roles.

This area has been created to provide you with easy access to all of the information, forms and documents you will need as a Search associate.

From this page you will find a menu that will take you through to the various sections, including HR, Payroll and general policies and procedures.

There are 4 key menus:

1. Search Hub online portal

2. HR policies and procedures

3. Payroll policies and procedures

4. Health & safety policies and procedures

5. Associate's guide