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Sales Jobs

About Sales Jobs

Virtually every company needs a salesperson and sales manager to help them maintain a healthy income and increase profits. As such, sales jobs can be found in nearly every industry, including retailtech and other consultancy service sectors.

There is a wide range of different sales jobs to pursue, ranging from trainee to senior level and focusing on either the selling of products or services. As such, sales jobs may involve business to business selling or business to consumer selling.

Sales Jobs – the skills and experience you need

Sales jobs are highly competitive and therefore require ambition, tenacity, and drive. People working in Sales jobs must also be target-driven and resilient in order to benefit from an exciting and fulfilling career.

Sales jobs also require confidence, both in the service or product that is being brought to market. A sales professional must also have the ability to build rapport with customers, meaning that customer service skills are also essential to succeed in any sales job.

A Career in Sales

A career in sales comes with multiple avenues for progression, provided that individuals put in the hard work and dedication day in, and day out. 

Many companies will offer fast-track management programmes to enable salespeople to realise their management potential. As you progress through various sales jobs, become a key account manager in sales, where you will have the responsibility of managing a few of the company’s biggest customers and also looking after the main products.

From there, it is possible to move into more of a management role as a Senior Sales Manager, and then Regional Manager before moving on to becoming a National Sales Manager and finally Sales Director.

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