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Recruitment outsourcing
Recruitment outsourcing

If you need a high-volume recruitment solution or are going through a merger or acquisition, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can automate and simplify your entire staffing process.

With over 35 years’ of recruitment outsourcing experience, we supply a comprehensive strategy in a timely and cost effective way to give you greater access to an expanded talent pool, whilst saving you money on expensive job adverts.

Our innovative software and analytics helps to attract qualified professionals, understand recruitment performance and enforces compliance with all hiring practices.

What is RPO recruitment?

What is RPO recruitment?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an in-house recruitment service that delivers an end-to-end hiring service for large staffing projects. It relieves HR professionals of the hiring process and administrative burdens, whilst delivering a seamless experience for candidates.

Top benefits

At Search, we offer a Master Vendor / Managed Services RPO solution. This means we use a single supplier to manage and complete all your temporary and permanent hiring needs. Working closely with your team, we’ll manage the entire recruitment process. Any roles which can’t be placed by our primary supplier will be sent to secondary suppliers to ensure they are filled.

  • High quality hires – Our dedicated team pool 100% of resources to find you the best talent
  • Cost effective – We can scale your recruitment needs up or down to match business requirements. Time is money and we can save you both.
  • Talent analytics – The ability to track every stage of the process, allowing for real-time reporting and detailed insights to inform decision making.
  • First-rate compliance – Our supplier provides the latest guidance on labour laws and standards, and will implement auditable processes.

Using Search’s Master Vendor / Managed Services RPO removes the stress and strain of everyday recruitment processes, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Our expertise. Your solution.

Watch our short video for more details on what our Master Vendor / Managed Services RPO offers.

All benefits

All benefits

Cloud-based technology
Candidate assignments, timesheets, invoicing, and bill processes all in one accessible place.

Financial savings
Consolidate records, invoicing and payroll to save you time and money.

Robust compliance
Protect your business from risk with automated compliance checks that are in line with the ever-changing employment legislations.

Total visibility
Benchmark performance and forward plan with real-time dashboards and customisable reporting. 

Quality control
KPI reports to monitor supply chain performance, ensuring high standards are maintained across all areas of your business.

Personalised account management
A single point of contact with unparalleled expertise in your industry, available 24/7.

Reliable supply chain
Experienced and dependable supplier to guarantee vacancies are filled.

Working with Search as a Master Vendor has supported us to standardise procedures across all sites, with one system used by all. Ensuring a smooth workflow of temporary staff and taking away the element of confusion managing second-tier agencies.

Lora, Business Partner at Belong

Recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing

As a leading recruitment process outsourcing agency in the UK, we can craft a solution that streamlines your hiring decisions and supports your business goals.

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