About Search Insource

Search Insource, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team, provides specific expertise in relation to end-to-end process management, bespoke technology, third-party supplier management, pre-employment screening and the provision of onsite teams. The focus is to ensure you retain an element of control over what is a very integral part of your business; the identification of the best talent.

With RPO being more popular than ever but still viewed with some trepidation, the Search Insource concept is built around managing 'internal' recruitment with 'external' expertise through recruitment insight, process management expertise and market intelligence. This guarantees you save money, attract better candidates and therefore employ exceptional people.

Whilst the focus of many clients is on direct sourcing and driving down agency spend, we believe the time is right to view RPO from a different perspective, and see it as a way to provide an integrated service to replace or compliment your direct sourcing model.

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