Aviation Recruitment Services

At Search, we have a strong understanding of airport recruitment and the aviation industry. Our expert team of consultants can assist you in finding the perfect candidate for a range of airport services roles. Whether you are looking for airplane cleaners, catering staff, customer service representatives or manual workers, Search is best placed to support you throughout the recruitment process.

On average, 2 million flights depart and land in the UK each year. The majority of these flights consist of business and leisure passengers, however a significant proportion - approximately 25% - includes freight, military and agricultural flights. In total, around 120,000 people work in aviation jobs in the UK in roles including aircraft and terminal cleaners, ramp agents, passenger service agents, aircraft engineers, cargo brokers, duty managers, import and export staff, freight, logistics workers, coach drivers, security personnel, de-icers, laundry staff, catering staff, construction workers, trades and labour.

With more than half of all UK flights landing in and leaving from London, a huge number of Search’s candidates are concentrated around Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Luton and City airports. As a specialist airport recruitment agency, many of the candidates on our books specialise in the various roles listed above, but we also engage with candidates in more familiar airport roles such as cabin crew, mechanical engineer, aircraft handling personnel, and pilot.

As a leading recruitment agency, we recruit for all types of airport staff - from entry level to senior management positions - in a variety of UK locations, although Crawley and Manchester remain our main hubs for aviation and airport recruitment due to their close proximity to huge airports in London and Manchester. We will also provide roles for any airport that is the vicinity to our 15 other offices. 

Services we offer include: 

  • Authorised signatory status
  • An out-of-hours on-call service
  • In-house advertising and response handling teams
  • CV and interview guidance
  • Emergency and volume support
  • Outsource solutions
  • Interim and contract assignments
  • Appropriate vetting and compliance documentation
  • ISO9001:2008 accredited processes
  • 5 year reference checks
  • GSAT
  • Criminal Record checks

Facilities Search offer include:

  • Interviews
  • Assessment days
  • Off site disciplinaries
  • Training 

Aircraft and terminal cleaners

One of the most popular roles that we recruit for are airport and terminal cleaners. The job involves using both general and specialist tools and equipment as well as the latest industrial cleaning machines. It requires a high level of physical activity and we are open with our candidates about our expectations for their physical fitness when they engage with us as an aviation recruitment agency.  

Ramp agents

Airport ramp agents are sometimes known as fleet service agents, clerks or baggage handlers, and at Search, we have many candidates on our books who specialise in these activities. Agents load and unload suitcases, luggage and cargo from aircraft and transportation hubs. We understand that candidates may also be required to pass background and drug tests and have the ability to lift heavy objects.

Previous baggage handling experience may be preferred by some employers but on-the-job training may also be offered. Search can manage your expectations with our candidates at the application stage.

Passenger service agents

Another key role that Search recruits for is passenger service agents. As a passenger service agent, we expect candidates to be responsible for a professional and courteous check-in service dealing with passengers and their baggage travelling through the airport. Being the face of the airport requires a high level of customer service at all times and at Search we ensure that all of our candidates match these qualities when we register them.  

Aircraft engineers

One of the more technical airport roles that Search specialises in recruiting for are aircraft engineers. We recognise the predicted shortfall of approximately 5,000 aircraft engineers in the UK and we do everything we can to attract suitable candidates. With an increase in air travel and the need for tightly controlled safety regulations, as well as ongoing demands for greater efficiency in aircraft, graduates in this area will find themselves with a strong choice of options, which is why we work with the leading aviation universities and colleges to secure candidates. 

Duty managers

At Search, duty managers are candidates that we specialise in finding. We have an extensive range of management candidates who are flexible, hard working and thrive in an airport setting.

Import and export staff

Knowledge of regulations and legislation is paramount for these roles and we only place candidates who demonstrate strong knowledge combined with experience in this area.

Logistics workers

Search attracts a wide range of logistics candidates who have skills and experience that are transferable to the airport and aviation industry. If you require a logistics hire for an airport environment, we can supply candidates. 

Security personnel

We understand the importance of employing security staff who have a strong understanding of the complexities of airport safety.


Our pool of airport staff includes de-icers who are able and willing to work in an airport environment. We can provide de-icing staff who are flexible and can work on a temp or perm basis.

Laundry staff

A key cog in the wheel of an airport’s day to day operations, Search can provide laundry staff on a temp or perm basis to working in an airport environment.

Catering staff

As with laundry staff, catering staff are an essential component of the aviation and airport workforce. Search specialises in sourcing catering staff who have the flexibility required for an airport role.

Construction workers

Fully qualified construction, trades and labour staff form a large part of Search’s candidate population. If you require candidates for similar roles we can provide a range of flexible options to fill the roles.

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