Managerial & Technical Construction Recruitment Services

Managerial & Technical Construction

Search has always acknowledged the importance of attracting exceptional managerial talent to oversee the country’s engineering and construction projects. We have subsequently accumulated a wealth of sector expertise in order to understand all roles associated with the sector in greater detail. 

To ensure a high quality of service and excellent understanding of senior and specialist roles within managerial construction, our only option is to offer quality and commitment to each and every client using our service.

Thanks to our outstanding work through the last 30 years leading to Search becoming one of the nation’s principal experts in construction recruitment, we have grown a client portfolio that has allowed us to recruit managers for some of the country’s leading organisations in the industry.

Key to that success is our consultants who recognise the skills and qualities that make a successful manager no matter their level of seniority or prior experience.

We are always looking for candidates who possess forward thinking ideas, people orientated attitudes and problem solving abilities whenever we are tasked with sourcing, attracting and screening for a specific role. 

As well as searching for all the required on the job experience our clients request, we probe to find evidence of the transferable but indispensable skills and traits all managers must possess if they are to successfully lead and guide squads on-site and in offices. This is one of the main reasons behind our continued excellence amongst managerial & technical recruitment agencies.

How Search Can Help You

We are accomplished at working and delivering in all employment or resourcing circumstances, encompassing the provision of temporary project managers and contracted staff as well as our core business of placing permanent management professionals.

While we usually operate on contingency or emergency remits, we are also accomplished at working on a retained basis, which is more effective for executive or project based assignments.

This is our main aim when speaking to clients for the first time. To deliver the exceptional standard of service our business expects to the degree our managerial & technical consultants are the first people you think about when it comes to hiring a candidate.

The foundation of our individual relationships and partnerships is mutual trust. This faith is formed because of our continued commitment to always listen to your needs and remaining honest and open with you throughout every step of the recruitment process. 

Whether you are searching for a hungry recent 'promotee' relatively new to a line or site management role or someone who has been operating at management level for some time, Search Consultancy promise to assist you in whatever way we can.

Contact us today and learn how our tailored recruitment constative service can help your business' needs today. 

What Our Clients Say About Us 

We are the sole recruitment supplier for many major organisations, development projects and firms in the construction industry. These firms are in charge of the some of the most high profile projects in the country which require the highest quality of management candidates to oversea their progress. This allows us to intricately know our markets and we guarantee a clear and honest recruitment consultancy service

Because we belief in effective, friendly and prompt communication with your hiring managers and high-ranking professionals, we regularly receive first class feedback and information on being able to match managerial candidates with what our individual clients are looking for.

Our current clients consistently commend us on our passion to help, our flexibility and most importantly our ability to achieve results. 

What Roles Do We Recruit?

Our managerial & technical recruitment agencies employ expert teams of consultants across 14 locations in the UK. 

Considering how diverse management roles can be depending on the on-site requirements, Search has had to adapt and take on board everything that our clients feedback to us in order to succeed as a leading managerial & technical recruitment agency.

Thanks to our driven consultants and refined recruitment techniques honed over our 30 year existence, Search has routinely recruited a huge assortment positions within the construction industry for our existing clients. A small selection of these roles includes:

  • Site Managers
  • Setting Out Managers
  • Foremen
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Project Managers
  • Design Engineers

If you’re looking for a specialist managerial & technical recruitment agency which has access to a large UK wide network of exceptional candidates and covers a vast range of locations then contact Search today. We’d be delighted to discuss any recruitment requirements or questions that your organisation has. We look forward to working with you.