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Technical & Engineering Recruitment Services

Search has been an industry-leading name amongst technical and engineering recruitment agencies for over a decade. 

Because we understand that recruiting within these highly specialised industries can be a complicated,  and sometimes frustrating process, our team of consultants will ensure that only the highest quality of candidate is put forward to meet you.

The CBI recently reported that STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – skills shortages are becoming widespread across the UK, with 43 per cent of employers currently having difficulty recruiting staff.

All of our expert consultants work closely with your hiring teams to accurately assess the individual needs of each of your company’s business areas. From here we will tirelessly search for, source and attract candidates who possess your desired skills and seamlessly place them within your business. 

How Search Can Help You

Because we are constantly in efficient and friendly communication with your hiring managers or department leaders, we regularly receive first class feedback and information on what clients expect and appreciate from energy, scientific and engineering recruitment agencies.

We believe the reason for our national success and exceptional reputation across the country is because we always go the extra mile for those that contact us. By offering a knowledgeable and supportive service, we guarantee that due care and attention will always be given to your assignments, no matter the urgency or timeframe.

Because of our willingness to listen, every one of our candidates is vetted, screened and fully briefed in conjunction with the specified requirements you originally explained to us. This ensures that only the best, most prepared applicants are presented to you.

What separates Search from other recruitment agencies is that we offer unique tailored solutions geared towards helping your individual queries. Come and join just some of our national clients and contact your nearest Search office to get started with our exceptional recruitment service on offer.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Search is the sole recruitment supplier for many major organisations in the technical and engineering industries ranging from small privately owned outlets to huge organisations operating on a national or global scale.

Our current clients consistently commend us on our professionalism, integrity and most importantly our ability to achieve results. 

“Search has consistently been our best supplier for our recruitment needs and second to none in terms of service. The level of account management and attention received has always been of the highest level and we feel we have a valued partner for our recruitment needs.”

Industry Specific Sectors

14 of our national offices employ consultants that have both the essential background knowledge and the contacts within the industry to help you employ quality candidates.

We make sure that everybody we progress to meet you has all the necessary skill sets you expect and the flexibility to easily commute to your location with minimal fuss.

Within the energy, scientific and engineering sectors, our expertly trained recruitment consultants have demonstrated a proven ability to regularly place an assortment of highly trained skilled workers associated with the following industries. 


Search's energy recruitment agencies' principle areas of focus include utilities – water, gas and electricity – renewable energy and power generation. We recognise how important the energy sector is to the present and future of the UK and so we value the importance of recruiting the highest quality of candidates within this industry.

We have an extensive and accessible talent pool of middle and senior level management candidates who are flexible, experienced and thrive on delivering complex and multi-layered projects within the energy industry. 

We are equally adept at finding and attracting candidates who are interested in new opportunities and are not sitting in our databases. Our team of consultants listen intently to what you as an employer want in terms of professional and personal qualities and adjust all of our talent searches accordingly. 

Engineering & Manufacturing 

Search knows the key to success within both the private sector and civil engineering recruitment comes down to having access a skilled, reliable and flexible workforce. 

As the ongoing engineering skill shortage continues across the UK, we recognise that to constantly place highly skilled workers within the engineering industry, Search needs to maintain our effective positive candidate relationships. So when our clients approach us to fill certain roles, our innovative and flexible recruitment programs continue to appeal to these vitally important skilled engineers, programmers and co-ordinators. 

To ensure a high quality of service and excellent understanding of senior and specialist role requirements within technical engineering’s associated sectors, our only option is to offer a quality, committed and knowledgeable service to each and every client that comes to us for assistance. 

Facilities Management

Thousands of candidates and clients have unanimously praised our award winning service across the facilities management industry. We recognise the key to success within this high responsibility and pressured field comes down to a skilled, experienced and driven workforce. 

This is because our diverse office locations throughout the UK are led by some of the industry's most experienced management teams who strive to build strong working relationships with every client we provide a service to. 

Managerial & Technical Construction

Thanks to our outstanding work through the last 30 years leading to Search becoming one of the nation’s principal experts in construction recruitment, we have grown a client portfolio that has allowed us to recruit managers for some of the country’s leading organisations in the industry.

Key to that success is our consultants who recognise the skills and qualities that make a successful manager no matter their level of seniority or prior experience.

This philosophy has been one of the main reasons behind our continued progression and esteemed reputation amongst construction 


Search is one of the leading scientific recruitment agencies in the UK. We fully recognise the need to source talented professionals who practice all of the main scientific branches - physics, chemistry and biology - and place them in a variety of roles that you require. 

Much like engineering, a skill shortage is expected to increase the amount of employers looking to recruit quality candidates that specialise in one or more scientific fields. This means that will guarantee to treat our existing database of quality candidates with full care and attention to ensure that they can be easily placed into roles when clients such as yourselves require them. 

Search Scientific constantly places highly skilled workers across the country, from huge cities like Leeds and Manchester all the way to Wales and Wiltshire in the West of England. No matter your location, Search's expert scientific consultants will endeavour to provide you with a fully customised recruitment service that will solve your individual business needs.  

Supply Chain

Like any experienced supply chain recruitment agency, we are aware that our candidates need to be adept at sourcing materials for products, packaging, media, marketing, or purchasing manufacturing services.

Our specialist consultants have in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience of the supply chain sector, and are able to provide career guidance and advice to all candidates interested in roles in this area.

If you are a manager or director who recruits within these technical skills industries, contact Search Consultancy to find out how we can help your business.

We look forward to working with you.