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Social Work

At Search, our social work recruitment consultants are able to provide a full range of services, from high volume recruitment of temporary support workers through to the contingency placements of sought after management level candidates. 

With experience of working with a large variety of employers such as hospitals, local authorities, charities, care homes, housing associations and specialist organisations, we are confidant that we can meet your requirements.

Our experienced and dedicated team of over 50 specialist Healthcare recruitment consultants has continuously received tremendously positive feedback from our extensive and prominent clientele. These universally positive responses have enabled us to become the most trusted social work recruitment agency for some of the most recognisable institutions in the British Isles.

Our management structure is flexible, allowing us to dedicate a high level of resource to each project or account we undertake and ensure that our customers benefit from the experience and knowledge of all our employees. Our extensive customer portfolio has given us a unique insight into many different approaches to account management, which we share with our customers to devise best practice.

Securing the right individual for your team can be challenging. Knowing who you can trust in the market to provide an honest, accurate, efficient and timely service can make all the difference. At Search we take on the role of business partner, going beyond the basic outline of the job description by paying close attention to all aspects of identifying the best person for the role and providing up to date market advice alongside a consultancy service.

Our aim is to know everything about our client’s practices; what they do, the requirements of the role, the culture, the team and the geographical spread so that we can paint an accurate picture of the ideal candidate for the job, ensuring a seamless and efficient recruitment process.

About Social Work

Social work is often defined as the provision of personal care, protection or social support services to children or adults in need or at risk, or adults with needs arising from illness, disability, old age or poverty.

Social care is frequently used as a synonymous term with social welfare and as an alternative to social work. The term often implies informal networks of support and assistance as well as services funded following assessments by social work and other professions.

Provision of social care may have one or more of the following aims:

  • To protect people who use care services from abuse or neglect
  • To prevent deterioration of or promote physical or mental health
  • To promote independence and social inclusion
  • To improve opportunities and life chances
  • To strengthen families and to protect human rights in relation to people's social needs.

Search recognises the high level of responsibility and dedication required to work in this area and all of our candidates are vetted to ensure that they have adequate levels of training and experience.

Various activities make up the social care offering such as:

  • Community support
  • Advisory services
  • Advocacy
  • Provision of equipment to manage disabilities
  • Alarm systems to manage the outcome of falls
  • Home and domiciliary care
  • Housing options with levels of care support attached
  • Residential nursing home care
  • Support for informal carers

Our social care candidates

Many of our candidates have built up practical experience with a range of clients and also within the voluntary sector. With a huge number of ready and available social care candidates on our books in locations including Brighton, Crawley, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield, no other social care recruitment agency is better placed to meet your social care recruitment needs.

Within social care, some of the areas we recruit for include:

  • Addiction services
  • Adult care
  • Advocacy
  • Allocations & lettings
  • Care of the elderly
  • Charities
  • Children’s services
  • Early years
  • Homelessness
  • Hospitals
  • Housing associations
  • Kitchen & domestic staff
  • Learning disabilities support
  • Mental health support
  • Offenders services
  • Qualified social work
  • Rehabilitation
  • Supported housing
  • Youth services
  • Homelessness officers
  • Housing officers qualified nurses
  • Qualified social workers
  • Registered managers
  • Residential social workers
  • Senior care staff
  • Service managers
  • Sheltered scheme managers
  • Substance misuse workers
  • Support workers
  • Youth workers

Being one of the leading health and social care recruitment agencies in the country, we recruit for all manner of social care roles, but some of the roles we recruit for include:

  • Anti-social behaviour officers
  • Care assistants
  • Care co-ordinators
  • Concierge
  • Contact workers
  • Domestics
  • Family support workers

If you would like to talk to us about the wide range of social care employment services we provide, please get in touch with one of our office locations in Aberdeen, Brighton, Crawley, Dundee, Dunfermline, EdinburghGlasgow, Inverness, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester or Sheffield.

We look forward to working with you.