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Call & Contact Centre Recruitment Services

For 30 years, Search Consultancy has been one of the country’s top recruitment agencies operating in the call centre arena. The awards we have won stand testament to the high quality service we offer our clients, crafting bespoke recruitment consultancy packages which enable you to find the most talented and highly skilled individuals in the industry.

For companies demanding high calibre and motivated recruits, the services provided by Search Consultancy are unparalleled. Our rigorous screening procedures for candidates mean that only the very best make it onto our books, giving our contact centre partners the peace of mind which comes with knowing they are hiring only the most competent individuals.

How Search Consultancy Attracts Quality Candidates

With an expert team made up of more than 65 award-winning professionals, Search is ideally positioned to source the best candidates to fulfil a variety of roles within the call centre industry. The contact centre recruitment assignments we undertake are extremely varied, but no matter the size and complexity of the task, we rise to the challenge and always endeavour to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Whether it’s providing call centre associates in volume or hiring for senior or specialist contact centre roles, we treat each assignment with the care and dedication our clients naturally expect from us. After 3 decades of experience in this field we have successfully honed our recruitment processes, putting all interviewees through a demanding and thoroughly-tested screening programme which guarantees we only ever present you with the best candidates for the job.

Over the years, Search Consultancy has built up a broad contact base and we utilise a number of channels in attracting the brightest recruits. Strong levels of interest mean that we have the greatest possible choice, allowing us to take potential hires through the most stringent of testing to ensure the perfect fit for your criteria.

Exceptional Call Centre Recruitment

For companies working within the call centre industry, Search Consultancy is fast becoming the go-to recruitment agency. We appreciate that this is a fast-paced world and one of the most challenging sectors in which to operate, with high turnover rates and fierce competition between numerous service providers.

When time is of the essence, we know how critical it is that you find the best candidate for a role as quickly as possible. Having identified the various specialisms your organisation needs, we recruit for all manner of positions across the industry - from call centre agents and resource analysts to accounts and operations managers operating in some of the most senior positions.

Our recruitment team has become adept at looking beyond the basics of a candidate’s CV and discovering the talents and competencies which will most help your business. 

We always take a personal approach to recruitment because we know this is how to get the best from people. With a track record of success in this approach, you can be confident your recruitment project is in safe hands.

Delivering Your Contact Centre Recruitment Objectives

Search Consultancy provides an on-call recruitment service which stands apart from that offered by other customer service agencies. Far from relying on rigid, inflexible and outdated systems for recruitment, we are flexible and adapt to meet our clients’ specific requirements and individual business needs, in order to help them achieve ever greater levels of success.

Search understands that there is no single approach to recruitment, and we also fully appreciate that the call centre industry is, at its core, about communication and human interaction. We believe that same personal touch must begin at the very start of the recruitment process. Collaborating closely with your business, we can ensure that you fully benefit from our wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, and see that your project receives the focus and resources it requires.

Our professional call centre recruitment division based in 10 of our branch offices creates a nationwide presence, which allows us to draw in potential candidates from up and down the country. Our reputation for quality is underpinned by the universal praise we have received from the hundreds of satisfied clients. And it’s a reputation we constantly strive to maintain and build upon.

We have a wide and ever-expanding network of clients across the UK, and would love to help you and your business grow and succeed. For more information about how Search Consultancy could help your organisation, contact your nearest Search office today and benefit from the experience of 1 of the country’s leading recruitment agencies.