I have a vacancy I’d like Search to fill. How do I go about this? 

We'd be delighted to speak to you about placing the right candidate at your company! Contact your nearest Search office by email or phone. A full list of our offices can be found on our branches page. You'll be put in touch with a specialist consultant with expertise specific to your industry. The consultant will talk you through the full recruitment process and what you can expect by using Search as a recruitment partner. We look forward to hearing from you.

"What industries does Search recruit for?"

​Search operates in over 30 different specialisms including Construction, Office Services, Accountancy, Hospitality, Call & Contact Centre, Nursing and more.

If you need a social worker in Manchester, an executive secretary in Sheffield or a java developer in Edinburgh, Search can help. A full list of the sectors that we recruit in can be found in our Client section.

"How long does it take to fill a role?"

We'll aim to work to whatever deadlines you give us, and our consultants will be fully transparent from the start of the process to ensure that your expectations are managed accordingly. The exact length of time will depend on a number of factors including the role itself, salary, market conditions, interview arrangements and vetting procedures.

"How much does it cost to use Search to fill my vacancy?"

Please contact us to discuss our pricing structure.

"I’m based in Liverpool, but I’m recruiting for a role in Brighton. Can Search help?"

Of course we can! One of the benefits of using a recruitment agency with 15 sites across the UK is that we have consultants in place nationwide who know their local markets. If you’re looking for a construction worker in Aberdeen, a PA in Leicester or an accountant in Manchester, we’ll be able to help.

Contact the Search office closest to where your vacancy is based vacancy is based, and one of our consultants will discuss your options.