Search is a multi-discipline recruitment consultancy that has supported thousands of businesses throughout the UK over the last 30 years. It has built a trusted reputation with candidates and clients based on quality of service and expert advice.

Customer and colleague research has suggested that our brand identity portrayed our specialist team as a portfolio of generalists rather than the experts they are. Our copy and content was taken offline to online and was better suited to brochures than for a busy digital audience.

The challenge for the in-house team has been to refresh the main Search brand and give more prominence to our sub-brands, to simplify and add energy, creating a system that works offline but is increasingly flexible to support digital excellence.

We needed so much more than just a new logo and colour pallet – we needed a complete shift to a bold and confident, modern recruitment brand.

logo, company name


Effecting a proactive brand identity refresh is a challenging project, doing so in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown added more complexity.

Ironically, one of the advantages of enforced home-working meant that the team had more access to colleagues than they would have done in normal working conditions.

This meant we could run hours of colleague and customer research, understand what makes Search tick, to know what differentiates us and what makes candidates and clients keep coming back and working with us.

From day one of the project we gained a great insight into the frustrations around the existing brand proposition... but also confirmed that Search is made up of well-connected experts, that we are a very straightforward and human brand. We are resilient and trusted to deliver results.

It was clear that all of this had to be bottled and amplified with a new logo and identity.



The starting point was an underlying brand concept, ‘Do What You Love’. More than a slogan, this is a true reflection of the authentic Search spirit and dedication that shines through when talking to the teams.

The networks that the Search teams create, the way that they add value and obviously love what they do, drove everything that followed.

The brand needs to work across a number of platforms, so a playful graphic system, from logo to font, imagery to iconography, has been designed for flexing across all aspects of the customer experience – from digital advertising to brochures, emails to brand signage.

logo, company name

Tina Munro, head of design explains that "The old logo has been given a facelift, it’s now more friendly, to the point. We’ve cleaned up curves and spacing, removing the old icon as part of a drive to de-clutter the brand and optimise for digital environments.

The Search brand colour palette has been uplifted with more vibrancy, also creating distinct colourways and identity for the specialist disciplines".

‘Do What You Love’ continued to inspire every interaction with the brand, including making our tone of voice more lively. We've added fun and positive iconography and photography that features real people in real situations.

To express Search’s human approach through every touchpoint, the type has been modified from a blocky dated Museo type to the Goldplay typeface, full of ‘friendly’ ligatures and glyphs.​

The end product

​“Search Consultancy has always made a positive difference to peoples futures, however it now felt like the right time to have a bit of a facelift.

The Search brand is well established and respected, but these changes are the foundation for the next stage of our growth.

The new identity creates greater meaning in the Search brand and will help the business better connect with its target audiences, ultimately strengthening the organisation’s market position.

Working across front and back office team on the refresh has made this project feel like a true partnership, one that has helped us develop an identity to support our strategy and ambitions and then bottle it all up into our new design system.

I think the in-house marketing team has created something special, something we are all very proud of.”

Dominic Starkey, Marketing Director.