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Gas Meter Reading Jobs

About Gas Meter Reading Jobs

A Gas Meter Reader’s job not only involves reading gas meters across private homes and commercial offices, but also capturing data on a notebook or handheld electronic device. In addition to taking gas meter readings and logging data, the job also involves reporting faulty gas meters and sometimes collecting payments that are in arrears. As such, the job also involves verifying meter readings when gas consumption appears to be abnormal.

When taking a gas meter reading, you will usually work on your own, visiting homes and places of work. In order to successfully carry out a gas meter reading and other related jobs, you must also carry identification at all times and show it to customers when you visit their premises.

Some gas meters are located inside buildings. If a Gas Meter Reader is unable to gain access to a property to complete a gas meter reading job, they must arrange to call on the customer at another time or leave a note asking the customer to provide their gas meter reading direct.

Gas Meter Readers may cover a large local area, which means the job also involves a great deal of driving to various destinations where gas meter readings need to be taken. Quite a lot of walking may also be necessary, and Gas Meter Readers usually wear a uniform. You may be given a set number of gas meter reading jobs to complete per week.

Gas Meter Reading – the skills required for the job

You won’t need any formal qualifications to pursue a career in gas meter reading, as on-the-job training will be provided. Employers may, however, expect you to have GCSE  English and Maths.

Because a lot of driving is necessary to respond to call outs and take gas meter readings, a full, clean driving licence is a requirement for most jobs in this field. You may also have to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check, as the job involves taking gas meter readings in peoples' homes.

Although you may not need prior job experience to take gas meter readings, there are a number of skills and attributes you will need to become a Gas Meter Reader. These include the ability to accurately interpret gas meter readings, perform jobs to timescales and targets, as well as communicate effectively with customers. Therefore, prior experience in customer service may also be an advantage. 

A career in Gas Meter Reading

Most Gas Meter Readers receive on-the-job training about different gas meters and payment systems. A Trainee Gas Meter Reader will also learn how to correctly input gas meter readings into hand-held devices.

Depending on the employer, you may be able to work towards a job-based qualification in addition to taking gas meter readings. Through continuously building knowledge and developing new skills, a Gas Meter Reader may also progress to Team Leader or Supervisor positions.

Gas meter reading is just the first step towards a wealth of jobs and promising career development opportunities across the UK’s Energy & Utilities sector. In addition to gas meter reading jobs, we also recruit Trainee Smart Meter Fitters as part of our Trailblazers programme. This is a fantastic programme that provides you with a qualification for life and excellent earning potential. Check out our video below to find out how can become a Dual Fuel Smart Meter Engineer.