Cyber Security Jobs

About Cyber Security Jobs

Developments in technology have led organisations to become smarter when they protect themselves against cybercrime. Cyber Security jobs are in demand due to an increased risk of threats to company data.

Cyber Security Engineers allow an organisation to plan, coordinate and implement security programs with specialised expertise and knowledge to protect against threats that facilitate cybercrime including malware, phishing, hacking and viruses.

You will find cyber security jobs in most industries, mainly IT, Banking and Finance, Retail and Government. Having cyber security teams as part of an overall company structure can be beneficial especially for large companies with high volumes of data.

Maintaining cyber security is important for a business as there are serious implications when a security breach occurs. This can cause significant costs arising from theft of corporate data, disruption to trading, and having to repair or replace affected systems. Also, cyber security attacks can damage the reputation and trust shown to a business if a client or customer has had their data compromised.

Cyber security job descriptions include developing security systems, analysing systems for vulnerabilities and handling all cyber attacks efficiently and effectively. Skills you would be expected to have would be strong IT skills and a deep understanding of cyber hacker processes and methodology.

Job titles in cyber security may include but are not limited to Cyber Operations Specialist, Cyber Security Analyst and Cyber Intelligence Analyst.

Cyber Security Jobs – Skills and Experience You Need

Due to the fast paced nature of technology, cyber security experts need to keep up to date with the latest additions to the list of cyber threats, technology developments and software updates. Broadly, you can work in one of the following areas; consulting - offering advisory services to clients or working to protect the security of the organisation you work for.

There are a number of stand out skills that cyber security experts require to fulfil their role including; a solid grounding in IT essentials (hardware, software, networks), coding knowledge, meticulous attention to detail and a forensic approach to problem solving.

Experience in cyber security is preferred to be successful in the industry and may include previous knowledge of digital threat management, intrusion detection software and disaster recovery planning.

Depending on the nature of the cyber security job, some employers may ask for qualifications or industry experience when advertising the role. Typically, entry level positions may require an associate degree plus 1-2 years experience or four years experience without a degree. For higher level positions, a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Cyber Security or related technical field and 5+ years experience with extensive work in IT security.

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A Career in Cyber Security 

Cyber security jobs are in high demand with the continuing developments in technology. Depending on the company you work for, there will be scope to develop, so long as you continue to proactively expand your knowledge, skills and experience. Through various training and research opportunities there is the potential to further develop a career in cyber security. To ensure that a business fully complies and maintains their cyber security processes it is valuable for them to invest in user training, educational opportunities and awareness reviews, which in the end will benefit both the employer and their employee.

Cyber Security Experts can enjoy a career full of success with the benefit of a high paid salary due to the demand for such skills to mitigate the risk of hackers and cyber attacks and keep organisations safe.  As a guide, starting salaries can range from £25,000 for entry level and junior cyber security roles up to £70,000 for managerial and leadership cyber security positions. 

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