About Customer Service Representative Jobs

Customer service representatives are a valuable resource in any consumer-driven organisation where providing an exemplary customer service experience is a priority. If you're looking at customer service jobs, then read on to find out more. 

As a customer service representative, you are a customer’s first point of contact and so will be the first to hear about a query or issue. The very best customer service representative will take full ownership of a situation and seek to resolve things for the customer as efficiently as possible.

Customer service representatives do not just deal with customers over the phone, more and more organisations are offering customers the opportunity to contact them over email and social media channels, making it as easy as possible to raise a query, place an order or even make a complaint.

When applying for customer service jobs, remember accuracy and attention to detail are important as there will be data entry and computer work, updating systems and maintaining customer records.

Customer service representatives may also be expected to further promote products and services to customers. This means that they may also be expected to work towards some sales targets. When applying for customer service jobs, you may get asked about this during an interview. 

Customer Service Jobs - the skills and experience you need

The best customer service representatives will have a passion for people and providing a quality service. They will have exceptional listening skills and be able to build rapport with people quickly.

They are tasked with understanding a customer query and then using problem-solving skills to get to the bottom of something and resolve it for the customer.

They will be motivated and driven to be productive, taking high volumes of calls and dealing with them efficiently. Customer service representatives will work towards Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) where they will be measured on productivity (how many calls they take) and the quality of the call in terms of adhering to procedures, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

In some customer representative jobs, you will need previous experience of working in a call centre, retail or hospitality. However more and more call centres are looking to recruit people based on their attitude, supporting them with a comprehensive training course when they start.

A career as a customer service representative

The call centre is a perfect place to develop your career. Across many call centres, there will be at least one senior manager who started off as a customer service representative. Typical roles that people will develop into include Coach, Team Manager, Team leader, customer service manager and even call centre manager.

A customer service representative may also be called Customer Service Advisor, Telephone Advisor, Customer Service Officer, Telesales advisor, Sales assistant to name but a few.

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