About Conveyancer Jobs

A licenced Conveyancer specialises in property law – working on behalf of clients buying or selling property. As such, a Conveyancer will deal with all legal matters, administration, finance and queries involved in a property transaction.

Conveyancer jobs involve processing and agreeing mortgage and lease contracts, arranging transfers and handling other documents that sellers must sign when a property is in the process of being purchased.

A Conveyancer will also advise clients on the technical content of the documents and their financial implications and may act on behalf of the vendor or the purchaser, and in certain circumstances for both in the same transaction.

Conveyancer Jobs – Skills and experience you need

Given the complexity of paperwork and processes involved in purchasing or selling property, Conveyancer jobs require an array of skills to take on a wide range of responsibilities.

The role of a Conveyancer involves an array of responsibilities which include, but are not limited to researching and communicating information to clients, drafting or checking sales contracts, and negotiating terms with the conveyancer acting on behalf of the other party in the transaction.

In addition to a keen interest in property law, a Conveyancer must also have the ability to advise and negotiate effectively, an understanding of and the ability to explain legal technicalities and the ability to work meticulously and accurately within a professional code of conduct. Conveyancer jobs also require the ability to work under pressure whilst using discretion and respecting client confidentiality.

A career as a Conveyancer

There are is a hierarchy of Conveyancer jobs which fall under the overall Conveyancer umbrella, ranging from Trainee Conveyancer to Head of Property Conveyancing.

A licensed Conveyancer is required to undertake periods of continuing professional development. Depending on the size of the firm, a first license Conveyancer may find opportunities to progress to take on supervisory responsibilities, such as leading a property team of legal and administrative staff.