Pre-Employment Screening Services

Search Consultancy has invested in a Pre-Employment Screening platform that is a front end compliance engine designed to support organisations with their pre-employment screening compliance processes.

Our easy-to-use solution has been designed to support single or multi tenancy requirements and provides a customisable process workflow that can be bespoke to any organisation.

Typical pre-employment screening checks that can be carried out include:

  • Passport verification
  • Employment, Academic, Character Referencing
  • Financial Credit Checks
  • UK Criminal Record Checks
  • Sanctions Checks

Our links to global data sources allow us to provide checks against : DOB, Address, Gender, Credit, Mortality, PEP’s and Sanctions, Electoral Role, CCJ’s, Fraud, Directorships and UK Criminal Record Checks. 

All data is retained behind organisation/individual candidates records and provides a fully auditable tracking process with all actions dated and time recorded.  Each candidate record provides a summary report of all checks completed.

The Pre-employment screening platform uses banking level encryption and is a world leader in database security giving comfort that data is being managed and stored effectively.

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