Call Centre, Office & Hospitality Recruitment

Search Consultancy is one of the premier market leading recruitment agencies within the office services, call centre and hospitality industries.

Our unique selling points have always focused on two aspects. The customised level of the service we offer to employers like yourselves and understanding what a person is looking for when they turn to Search for help. 

Ever since we opened for business in Glasgow 29 years ago, we placed an immense importance on call centre, office and hospitality recruitment. It has led to us employing over 130 professional recruitment consultants across our 13 nationwide offices and we pride ourselves on our multifaceted training programmes we provide for them. 

We provide a professional and dedicated service, and whether you’re looking to fill one vacancy or you’re recruiting for a number of roles to increase your business’ headcount, Search can help you find the right staff for your organisation no matter the circumstances.


How Search Can Help

We believe the reason for our national success and exceptional reputation across the country is because we always go the extra mile for those that contact us. By offering a knowledgeable and supportive service, we guarantee that due care and attention will always be given to your assignments, no matter the urgency or timeframe.

The foundation of our individual relationships and partnerships is mutual trust. This faith is formed because of our continued commitment to always listen to your needs and remaining honest with you throughout every step of the recruitment process. 

Because of our willingness to listen, every one of our candidates is vetted, screened and fully briefed in conjunction with the specified requirements you originally explained to us. This ensures that only the best, most prepared applicants are presented to you.

What separates Search from other recruitment agencies is that we offer unique tailored solutions geared towards helping your individual queries. Come and join just some of our national clients and contact your nearest Search office to get started with our exceptional recruitment service on offer.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Search is the sole recruitment consultancy for many major organisations throughout the country, from small privately owned companies to global multi-site organisations.

Our current clients consistently commend us on our professionalism, friendliness and most importantly our ability to achieve results. In our most recent client feedback survey, 93% confirmed they would recommend us to a colleague or friend. Be one of them and contact Search today.

“Excellent communication and swift responses. Consultants seemed very enthusiastic and committed to filling the positions promptly.”

“Spot on every time. Fantastic to work with; an absolute credit to the business.”


Call and Contact Centre

At Search, we know that call centre recruitment can be one of the most dynamic divisions of any recruitment agency especially since this industry employs over one million people.

The assignments our call centre agents undertake are often testing and varied in their nature. Our willingness to offer any service regardless of whether it is specific or general has led to our call centre recruitment agencies becoming one of the most esteemed in the country.

Our comprehensive and customised approach means we can easily provide personnel for volume headcount drives and for senior or more technical/specialist call and contact centre jobs with the same amount of success. 


Hospitality and Catering

Search's client portfolio amongst the UKs hospitality recruitment agencies is one of the most diverse and widespread in the country.

Our recruitment professionals often have some background experience of the catering recruitment sectors before they engage in our highly respected training programmes. This means that we can combine real world knowledge of staff requirements in weddings, bars, leisure centres and conferences with proven catering recruitment techniques in order to provide only the very best workers to your businesses.

The customised level of the service we offer to you and our focus on people throughout the entire process is what has enabled Search Hospitality and Catering to establish an enviable reputation across the industry for delivering consistent outstanding results.


Office Services

The office has been the backbone of the country’s economy for over 200 years and every single company, no matter what their industry, will have a need for some form of office work at all levels of the seniority ladder.

Search’s office recruitment agencies recognise this and endeavour to supply a varied mixture of candidates that possess the desired skills and personalities your company requires. 

Our understanding of what each party is looking for from an office recruitment agency and the expertise we regularly request from employers and candidates within the office services industry means our knowledge of what is required from us to best serve your needs is second to none.


If you are a manager or director thinking about using an external recruitment agency to improve your employment success rate, contact Search Consultancy to find out how we can help your business.

We look forward to working with you.