Search Consultancy London

London Ealing based recruitment agency Search Consultancy is an expert in the provision of construction recruitment services to hiring companies and job seekers. 

Located in The Mall, Ealing, London, the office is accessible from many Underground lines and has excellent alternative public transport links to and from the city centre.  

Despite Search's London Ealing office being a relatively new location having opened in 2018, Search Consultancy has long been involved in the sourcing and placing of construction talent and has worked with a large number of construction employers nationwide for over 20 years. It has also allowed us to expand into sourcing commercial office vacancies. 

How Search Can Help 

Our team of award winning recruitment consultants have many years worth of built an extensive and diverse client portfolio across the city centre and Greater London. The excellent working relationships we have with our on-site workers has enabled us to establish a clear understanding of the job requirements necessary for a wide variety of construction requirements as the expansion and rejuvation of London continues.

Every one of our candidates is vetted, screened and fully briefed on the specified needs of our clients prior to going out on-site. This ensures only the best, most prepared workers are presented to the employers and that candidates are given the best possible chance to succeed in the job. 

We are certain your experience with Search London will be highly rewarding. Scan through our list of active London jobs posted on our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the employment services we can provide for you. 

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