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Men’s Health Week, raises awareness of the issues affecting men and provides us all with an opportunity to support family and friends with their wellbeing.

According to NHS Professionals, “Men's Health Week (MHW) is designed to give all boys and men access to the information, services and treatment they need to live healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

Awareness is definitely needed, with recent data highlighting that some men take a less proactive approach to their health. A report by Men’s Health Forum, Levelling up men’s health: The case for a men’s health strategy states that “Men are 32% less likely to visit the doctor – particularly during working age.” In addition, a recent survey by HealthLine.com revealed that almost 65% of male respondents said they avoid going to the doctor for as long as possible, with 37% admitting they withhold information from their doctors.

Regarding mental health studies also show that men are more likely to commit suicide than women, with reluctance to access psychological therapy being a major contributing factor (MentalHealth.org).

Given this data, and the challenges instigated by COVID, it’s more important than ever for men to take a proactive approach to their health and seek help early on.

That’s why this Men’s Health Week, we spoke to our very own Craig McEwan – Senior Divisional Manager at Search Healthcare, on how he manages his physical and mental health in and out of the workplace.

Watch the video below;

To learn more about male wellness and how you can get support Men’s Health Week, check out the following websites:



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