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​5-steps to find your next job

January is a time for setting new goals and re-evaluating your achievements. For many, it’s the perfect time to take the next step in your career and start the motions to achieve the life you want. 

With employment figures projected to be the highest since 2019, the current employment market is looking more positive for 2022. Unlike previous years, employers are regaining their confidence and are looking to recruit new hires to expand their teams and offering. From an employer’s perspective, it is currently a candidate-driven market - candidates often receive multiple job offers alongside counter-offers from their current employer and have the luxury to command competitive salaries and desirable employee benefits.

If you are looking to take the next step and want to find a role and company that will support your career development, now is a perfect time to start the process. Our 5-step career development guide aids to help in each area of the job searching process. Firstly, assess your skills to determine what the ideal job for you looks like, then discover actionable advice on job searching, creating a stand-out CV, preparing for an interview, and what to do post-interview. We understand that getting started with your job search can be daunting, but our 5-step guide breaks it down into manageable chunks and offers as much advice as possible to assist you throughout the process.

We’ve got you covered! Our free guide includes:

1.      Skills audit template

2.      Job searching tips

3.      CV templates

4.      Interview preparation

5.      Post-interview advice

Your next step is right here. Download your free guide today.