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New regulations affecting healthcare workers

The Department of Health & Social Care now requires all healthcare workers of CQC-registered services in England be fully vaccinated by the 1st April 2022. These regulations follow the mandatory vaccinations for care workers that came into effect in 2021.  

If you are a healthcare worker within the UK and are not yet vaccinated, the infographic below provides a breakdown of everything you need to know regarding the new regulations.

How to provide your vaccination status

If you have received full vaccination status, you will need to provide a Covid Pass to your employer. You can do this by downloading the Covid Pass from the NHS App or requesting a letter via the 119 helpline. Once you have shared this with your employer, they can mark you as compliant. Watch the video for details on how you obtain your Covid Pass.

If you are currently working with Search Health & Social Care, you will need to provide vaccination evidence via email to covidvaccine@search.co.uk. If you need further guidance on this matter, please get in touch with your regular point of contact.