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As an Administrator, you’ll have a penchant for organisation which helps to ensure an office or specific department runs smoothly and efficiently. You will be familiar with providing administrative support and services such as typing correspondence, organising and filing paperwork, managing outgoing and incoming post, taking calls and handling a switchboard, and scheduling meetings. With key skills, including computer literacy, methodical thinking, strong communication, and the ability to multitask, you are an asset to an organisation and will likely have the option to work across a range of sectors and companies.

Administrators can earn in the region of £22,000 and a Secretary around £25,000, while a Personal Assistant (PA) can earn up to £30,000 and an Executive Assistant (EA) up to £40,000 per annum. For those wanting to advance their career in administration, taking on additional duties and decision making in a PA or EA role would naturally be the next step. If you are part of a larger organisation, you may even find that there are openings for these positions within your team and can utilise your company and industry knowledge alongside your application. 

The skills required to progress your career as an Administrator 

Time management 

To book meetings and appointments, consults diaries, and make calls, time management is a vital skill needed. But, have you considered how your company can reduce the time and effort required? With companies continuously looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency, demonstrating processes and systems you have put in place to do just that can show good time management and knowledge of technologies.


Modern administrative professionals have more opportunities to take on additional responsibility and showcase their skills. Excelling at your current responsibilities alongside being proactive in your role, shows you are willing to help where needed and think outside of the box. To impress your manager, we suggest deepening your knowledge in a particular area and asking if you can undertake a task outside of your workload which you are confident you can excel in.  

Professional development

You will also want to consider your professional development. What are the skills you can develop which will help you step forward in your career? For example, it may be beneficial to develop technical skills in programs such as Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint. Or, if you are looking to progress in a business with an international focus, you may consider learning another language. Some skills you can acquire without courses, but taking relevant business courses both outside of work and in work shows evidence of a commitment to learning in your CV. 

Interest in business development

Awareness of business developments within your organisation, wider industry, and world provides confidence when conversing with seniors and making important decisions. To develop this, keep an ear to the ground within your company, network and learn from others in similar roles to yours or positions you aspire to, and attend industry events and meetups.

We recently caught up with Tom Halsall, Managing Consultant of Business Support to ask his personal opinion on which candidates stand out: 

“When reviewing CV’s, I like to see clear, bullet pointed job duties & successes, whether that be a particular system you use or generalist work you complete day to day. Try and include as much relevant content in relation to the job description advertised and aim to tailor this for each role, rather than using the same CV for every role you apply for. 

 People who stand out always include a profile at the start of the CV in which they discuss key strengths and transferable skills for the job role. Also, be sure to include the reasons for applying!”

If you’re looking to advance your career in administration, our Business Support team can help. As a multi-specialist recruitment agency, we work with companies across a wide range of industries and at various levels, which widens the number of opportunities we have at your disposal. Browse our latest openings or contact a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.