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Landing a new job is both exciting and daunting. Whether it’s your first career move or you’ve been in your line of work for years, getting to grips with a whole host of new processes, people, and ways of working isn’t easy.

Whilst companies may offer 'settling in' periods and onboarding programs, it’s in your hands to navigate your own experience, so we’ve shared six tips for how to settle into your new job to ensure your transition runs smoothly.

1. Ask questions early on

When starting a new job, we often want to appear natural and capable especially in front of new co-workers. Although you may be tempted to stray away from asking questions early on in your job, you’ll thank yourself later for doing so and you may even help other co-workers in the process.

Questions related to company expectations, processes, and policies are always a good place to start. Ultimately, the better you understand how your company operates, the faster you will become an asset to the company, making settling into the new job easier.

2. Find a mentor or someone you can reach out to

You may not want to reach out to your manager every time you have a small query, so it’s important that you find a mentor or someone that you can reach out to help answer them. Identify someone who you feel you can connect with on both a professional and personal level, as having someone by your side that is knowledgeable and skilled in their field will not only help you settle into your new job initially but will also help to advance your career in the long run.

3. Learn about the business and understand their culture

Spend time developing your knowledge of your employer and absorb everything that is going on around you. Take note of who the decision-makers are, how they communicate, their business goals and values. It’s completely normal to feel some sort of culture shock, as it can take time to adjust to a new way of working.

4. Spend time relationship building

Building relationships is a key skill in any area of life. When you’re on you first few weeks of your job, it’s especially important that you familiarise yourself with as many people as possible. The sooner you’re over the hurdle of the first initial greeting, the better your experience will be since people will be more open to approaching you for both professional and personal conversations.

5. Review your job description

Whilst you may be swept up in adjusting to your new work environment, it’s just as important to understand your job description. You need to have a clear idea of what is expected of you to both establish other people’s expectations of you and to ensure you are put in contact with the correct people in your company to help you meet these expectations.

6. Be patient with yourself

Lastly, remember that it’s important to be patient with yourself. The first few weeks and months of a new job are not easy. In fact, they say it takes 3-6 months to feel like you’ve truly settled into your new role and feel comfortable. On the days you feel out of your depth or overwhelmed with the change, we recommend setting time aside to take note of all the things you've achieved in your new role to help keep you going.

We’ve shared our top tips on adjusting to a new work environment and hopefully, by using these tips your new role will soon feel like second nature to you.

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