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As the nation went almost entirely virtual and businesses navigated remote-working during the events of the past 18 months, there was an increase in digital-based roles and the need for digital skills. To support and complement existing marketing teams, the recruitment of skilled digital marketers increased, along with their salaries. Despite this, the average recruitment lead time stands at 4.3 months, as 66% of managers experienced a national skills shortage.

So whether you are looking to progress in your career or want to grow your marketing team, we surveyed thousands of companies and candidates in our recent Salary & Benefits Guide to reveal the most in-demand marketing roles in 2021 

The most in-demand marketing roles in 2021

1.     Digital Marketing Manager 

As we move away from traditional marketing such as print and television, companies recruit specialist leaders to run their digital strategies and campaigns. Encompassing all digital channels, including website, social media, search engines, and paid media, the role of a Digital Marketing Manager enables a product or service to be found online. 

As a vital cog within any business, a Digital Marketing Manager can typically earn between £45-£60k per annum. 

2.     SEO Manager

Since the pandemic, more and more companies are looking to bring SEO skillset in-house. Investing in organic marketing, companies can increase their visibility online via search engines and maximise their content marketing efforts more cost-effectively than paid marketing.

With reduced external agency costs, companies have more budget, and SEO Managers can typically command between £40-£60k.

3.     PPC Manager

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is the process of overseeing and managing a company's PPC ad spend. To minimise company expenditure and maximise return on investment, skilled and experienced PPC Managers need to implement effective strategies such as A/B testing. For this role, you require an understanding of performance marketing best practices and strong analytic skills to derive valuable business insights.

For companies serious about increasing their visibility online, you could be worth anywhere in between £40-£60k as a PPC Manager. 

4.     PR Manager 

Public Relations Managers help clarify their organisation's point of view through media releases and interviews. They monitor social, economic, and political trends that might affect their organisation and recommend ways to enhance the firm's image based on those trends. This role is particularly prevalent as people look to use more ethical and authentic brands in a post-Covid landscape.

A skilled PR Manager can benefit both small businesses and large corporate organisations and expect to earn between £50-£70k.

5.     Social Media Manager

Social media became critical to marketing during the pandemic and has never been more powerful as a marketing tool as businesses transform their go-to-market models to incorporate social media. The role of a Social Media Manager involves much more than simply posting across social platforms on behalf of a company, it also includes social listening, influencer marketing, adopting new technologies, being aware of the latest algorithm changes, and reporting back to board members. 

With the role of a Social Media Manager becoming more well regarded, average salaries can range from £35 to £50k.

6.     Account Director 

An Account Director leads a client account or multiple accounts on behalf of a business, typically in an agency environment. They take responsibility for the delivery and quality of work and ensure it meets the needs and demands of the client. As clients tried to cut costs where possible during the pandemic, Account Directors required strong communication and problem-solving skills to retain business.

As the key client contact and a vital player in pitches for new business, Account Directors can typically earn between £40-£55k depending on the size of the account or client.

With only 12% of marketing professionals surveyed currently active in the job market, it is no surprise that there's an increased demand for skilled marketers. Specifically, those who specialise in digital marketing such as Social Media Managers, SEO Managers, and PPC Managers, alongside Paid Social Media Managers and UX Managers who are also in high demand.

To discover more industry insights, including average salaries for other marketing roles, download a free copy of our 2021 Salary & Benefits Guide.

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