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As people enjoy going out for events, meals and drinks again, the hospitality industry is finding its feet again after 18 months of turmoil.

For many reasons – notably the loss of EU workers due to Brexit and the increase in workers finding alternative work due to COVID restrictions – the sector now presents huge opportunity for career professional and temporary staffing.

Search Hospitality are one of the UK's leading sector recruiters with contacts throughout the industry, recruiting all levels of seniority from management through to temporary catering staff. We know that it’s the ultimate people-led sector, and thought we’d find out from our candidates why they love hospitality and what makes it special.

We ran a very simple survey with only one question ‘What are the benefits of working in hospitality versus other industries?’, and the top seven answers were as follows:

Seven benefits for Hospitality workers

1.     Flexibility

Hospitality offers flexibility in shifts and working patterns. Whether you’re working around school pick up or around a degree, you can pick and choose the shifts that suit your lifestyle with the option to work overtime when you want to boost your take-home salary. You can also consider temporary or contract work if you are looking to work for a certain period. 

2.     Competitive pay

As a hospitality worker, you will have access to competitive pay, heightened by the current demand for hospitality workers. For dedicated workers wanting to progress, you can stay with a company and gain experience in multiple functions, such as front-of-house, food preparation, mixology, and so on. A managerial role in hospitality could pay anything between £25k and £50k. Plus, in certain settings, you may even be accustomed to customer tips.

3.     It’s sociable

The world of hospitality is vibrant, lively, and always interesting. As a front-of-house or domestic team member, you will meet new people every day. Plus, you’ll have the chance to work with like-minded people and make after-work arrangements and make use of employee perks, such as discounted food and drinks. 

4.     Experience

When you think of hospitality, you typically think of bar and restaurant work, but the industry spans many settings, including schools, care homes, hospitals, businesses, and events. The skills you learn are super transferable, in or outside of hospitality, which means you can gain experience in various settings and choose to work in an industry you're passionate about. 

5.     Immediate-starts

Often, your employer will provide training and uniform, which means you can start earning immediately. If you choose to partner with an agency like Search Hospitality, you will also receive the relevant compliance support needed to prepare you for your work, for instance, a free DBS check or food hygiene certification.

6.     Creativity

As well as being a people-oriented industry, it is also creative. You are creating a product – be that food, drink, or experience. There’s always scope for new ideas and new ways to improve customer satisfaction and push boundaries. And if you're passionate about your job, it doesn’t always feel like work!

As one of the world’s largest and most dynamic industries, hospitality can open up a vast amount of career prospects. 9-5 jobs aren’t for everyone and the buzz of the industry and the perks mentioned above is why people enjoy working in the industry.

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