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With industrial projects rising by 54%, retail projects up 71%, and civil engineering projects by 113%, the construction industry is experiencing rapid growth versus last year. In March 2021 alone, £14,251m worth of construction work happened in the UK, with the most sizeable investments being private housing (£3,612m) and repairs and maintenance (£5,284m). Some of the projects with the biggest spend include Euston HS2, Northolt Tunnels HS2, and the Stag Brewery Regeneration. ​ 

The recovery and growth within the industry in 2021 is promising and presents plenty of opportunities for construction workers. At Search Construction, we’ve seen rapid demand for both temporary and permanent workers and are currently recruiting for hundreds of live jobs. Including the most in-demand roles: General Labour, Project Manager and Site Manager. 

So, could now be a good time to move into the construction industry or use your experience to take the next step in your career? As companies look to attract new candidates and talent pools to fulfil demand, Adam Brown (Associate Director of Search Construction & Civil Engineering team) reports a 5-10% increase in salaries over recent months. 

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