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Here at Search Consultancy, we have roles across a wide range of sectors but have seen expediential growth for particular roles in certain sectors this Summer. As the job market becomes more versatile and dynamic, this also opens up new opportunities for people who may not have necessarily worked in that sector before but are willing to take on a career change. So, what industries are the most in need of employees right now, and where might you have the most success securing your next role?

Here are just some of the industries crying out for staff right now:

Transport and Logistic

As many businesses have reopened and the demand for online deliveries during the pandemic has potentially changed the way we shop forever, the supply of transport and logistic workers have outweighed demand. 

Alongside the demand for Warehouse Operatives, you are likely to have heard of a national shortage of HGV Drivers publicised across the news recently. With large organisations such as Haribo and Sainsbury's warning of disruptions to availability due to the need for newly qualified drivers, it's no surprise this is having a knock-on effect on the UK supply chain. 

The positive for HGV Drivers or anybody looking to move into this career is that there is certainly no shortage in demand which is driving up the rate of pay for drivers. HGV drivers now have the luxury of choosing which jobs they take and at what rate. If you’re a new driver or looking to revalidate, Search Driving offers guidance and support around qualifications and training. Plus, all the benefits of PAYE, such as holiday pay and full employment status. Browse our driving jobs now. 

Customer Service

Again, this demand has risen due to changes during the pandemic. As many companies manned down physical stores, they had to reroute their efforts to delivering customer service over the phone or online, thus finding the right candidates to represent their brand. 

Customer Service roles offer the opportunity to work for great brands and earn additional income via commission or bonuses. Whilst many companies will want you to work in a sociable office environment, shifts tend to be more flexible than in other industries, and there are even a variety of customer service jobs that are fully remote.

At Search Call & Contact Centre, we work with some of the UK's leading companies, including Tesco, Next, Sky and Monzo, to name a few, and have a host of immediate-start roles. Not only do these include entry-level roles to suit those looking to build their experience, but we also offer roles for experienced customer service representatives looking to take on people management and progress in their careers. Browse our customer service jobs now. 


Salary & Benefits Guide research showed 84% of healthcare managers are struggling with a skills shortage. There was a recruitment drive throughout the pandemic to care for COVID-19 patients and those indirectly affected, including mental health patients, and this requirement is still ongoing.  

Whilst there is no denying that healthcare is one of the most demanding industries, it is also one of the most rewarding with plenty of progression opportunities. Healthcare offers job security against economic factors and has also become more appreciated during the pandemic. 

At Search Nursing, we work with leading healthcare providers across a variety of settings in the public and private sectors. Whilst we are always on the lookout for registered nurses and mental health nurses, we also have a range of bank worker roles that enable you to access training programmes to develop your skills if you are new to the industry. If you work with us covering bank shifts, you will receive free DBS checks and uniforms, plus a choice of multiple shifts to suit your requirements. Browse our healthcare jobs now. 

Want to know more about any of the above industries and roles? Whether you are a newcomer or have experience within the industry and are looking for your next challenge, our expert recruitment consultants are here to listen to your requirements and match you with the ideal opportunity. Drop us a lineand we'll be in touch to arrange a call or video interview.

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