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TikTok is an entertainment platform powered by a community and fuelled by societal culture and moments. Unlike other social platforms, TikTok consists entirely of videos that are typically short and digestible posts, enhanced by TikTok’s advanced and easy-to-use creation tools. Creators on TikTok cover all bases, from film, sports, fashion, music to lifestyle, and more recently, there has been a rise in career and job-related creative content.  

When done right, video drives greater engagement and response than other social content types. Videos offer an effective way to convey and consume information, especially for mobile-first and time-poor Gen-Z and Millennials. TikTok is a top 10 platform among young consumers, and whilst it isn’t within the top 3 platforms for millennials in the UK just yet, the usage has grown exponentially over the past year. 

What are TikTok Resumes?

Recently in the US, TikTok launched TikTok Resumes, a pilot program designed to help expand TikTok as a new channel for recruitment and job discovery. Injecting a little bit of LinkedIn into the entertainment-based social network, TikTok teamed up with some of America’s most sought-after employers and encouraged users to upload TikTok video resumes. Interested candidates can creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences, using the hashtag #TikTokResumes in their caption to get noticed by potential employers.

So, could TikTok be the new channel to discover talented candidates and career opportunities?

Admittedly, TikTok resumes may not be the right approach for every company or candidate, however, it does lend itself particularly well to some industries, including marketing and sales, and customer-facing roles within retail or hospitality. Alongside companies who are predominantly wanting to attract younger candidates due to the average audience demographic.

Whilst you may not use TikTok to publish and promote your video, you may use the platform to create your video or consider other forms of video CV. Video allows you to convey an authentic representation of yourself. Employers can digest information quickly and get a feel for what you are like as a person, both personality and communication-wise. 

If you are considering a video style CV, our advice would be to use it to enhance your written CV by providing it alongside, rather than in place of it. Use our S.T.A.N.D out formula below to ensure your video is concise and engaging. 

S.T.A.N.D Out Formula for Video CV’s

S – Summary

Start with a summary of who you are to introduce yourself to your audience - including your name, location and current job title or place of study. 

T – Transferable Skills 

What are the transferable skills you believe you have that are relevant to the job you're applying for? List these here as future employers are interested to know what value you can add to their company. 

A – Accomplishments

There is no need to list every accomplishment here but be sure to mention anything impressive or unique. Remember, you have more creative freedom than a written CV, so can even include screenshots or images of awards or qualifications.

N – Numbers

Showcase a growth mindset by using numbers and percentages. What did you achieve for your last company, whether that be team growth or revenue? Future employers are interested to know how you can help grow their business.

D – Delivery 

Make sure the delivery showcases your personality. Speak clearly and use gestures and movement to bring your story to life and engage the audience. You may want to consider using a combination of mediums such as spoken word, video, images and music to show off your creativity.

In the UK alone, TikTok has an estimated 17 million users age 18+, predicted to increase approximately 30% by 2022. It offers an outlet for creativity and self-promotion that is becoming more and more popular amongst young professionals. As a candidate, TikTok may be a valuable channel for finding your next role, whilst as an employer, it may be a cost-effective outlet for candidate acquisition. At the moment, TikTok is not an oversaturated channel for job searching and therefore, early adopters could benefit. 

TikTok not your thing? Why not consider recording yourself on your phone, camera or webcam. Supporting your CV with a videotape will help you stand out from the crowd with prospective employers! 

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