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Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision for anyone, but in an industry that is constantly evolving like science, navigating the job opportunities available can feel like a minefield.

Careers in science are varied, rewarding and there are plenty of avenues for you to explore. You may have already heard of roles such as laboratory technician, biologist, and chemical engineer but what about some of the lesser-known jobs in science?

With specialist insight from Nathan Fairhurst, Managing Consultant for Search Scientific, we guide you through 5 scientific jobs you didn’t know existed, their typical duties, and average salaries to help you find your next career in science.

1. Agronomist

Average salary – £30,200

Agronomists specialise in the study of crop production, soil control, and soil management and are responsible for maximising crop production for farmers and crop researchers. In this role, you will be conducting detailed analyses of crop data, create chemical treatment plans, and carrying out field trials to help solve crop problems and increase crop yield. Earning between £20,000-45,000 a year, this role has plenty of opportunities for career progression with office-based, on-site, or research facility locations available.

2. Application Scientist – Hair Care

Average salary - £37,000

As an application scientist specialising in hair care, you will responsible for supporting the development of personal care products, designing and conducting experiments to test the effects of products on human hair, and aiding with product development. You’ll be contributing to discussions around new haircare technologies and formulas and you’ll need to possess excellent communication skills to help problem solve and share new ideas. Salaries for this role range from £28,000 to £56,000.

3. Sensory Scientist

Average salary - £39,900

Looking for a job in science that offers plenty of variety? Why not consider a career as a sensory scientist? For this role, you’ll be responsible for conducting sensory research, determining consumer preferences and understanding a product’s sensory experience to help improve its quality. Sensory scientist jobs span across a range of industries including food and beverage and manufacturing. Sensory scientist roles are always in high demand with salaries for this role ranging from £22,000 to £52,000.

4. Site Chemist

Average salary - £23,000

If a laboratory environment isn’t for you and you’re looking for a more hands-on science job, a role as a site chemist may just be for you. As a site chemist, you’ll be responsible for the treatment, reclamation, and recycling of hazardous waste produced by households and manufacturers. You’ll be analysing and devising treatments and leading efforts to reclaim reusable chemicals and materials. This job offers the physical labour that you don’t experience in a laboratory, as you’ll be working on sites, preparing and carrying outgoing waste. Salaries for this role range from £18,000 to £30,000.

5. Material Scientist

Average salary - £32,000

Do you have excellent problem-solving skills and high attention to detail? A job as a material scientist may be the perfect fit for you. Material scientists study the properties and use of a range of materials to help develop new products and improve existing ones. You’ll typically work with a team of science specialists with the field of work varying significantly; employers can range from aircraft manufacturers and electronic manufacturers to transport manufacturers and pharmaceuticals. Salaries in this sector start from £21,000 up to £44,000.

There you have it, 5 scientific jobs you didn’t know existed. At Search, we have a range of science jobs available, so if you’re looking to progress your career or considering the career options available to you we can help. Alternatively, you can contact one of our specialist scientific consultants to discuss your requirements today.

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