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There is more to life than money, but no one is ever disappointed when they're presented with a pay increase. If you are open to relocating or want to see if your city has the potential to raise the stakes, we reveal the ten best-paying regions in 2021 using unique insights from our annual Salary and Benefits survey

Kent is announced as the top region to work in if you want more frequent pay rises, with pay rises offered on average every eight months. The South dominates the top 10 spots featuring Milton Keynes, Surrey, Bristol and Brighton. Whilst the Midlands comes in second with Coventry, Nottingham and Derby all placing within the top 10. 

The average frequency in which pay rises are offered, in the following regions:

  1. Kent - 8 months

  2. Coventry - 9 months

  3. Doncaster - 9 months

  4. Nottingham - 9 months

  5. Derby - 10 months

  6. Inverness - 10 months

  7. Milton Keynes - 10 months

  8. Surrey - 11 months

  9. Brighton - 12 months

  10. Bristol - 12 months

To gather a true sense of the current job market in 2021 and establish the areas most likely to offer pay rises, we surveyed almost 5,000 people from across the UK and asked how many months it had been since they were presented with a pay increase. 

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