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At the beginning of the pandemic, the job market looked bleak as many industries pressed pause. However, 97% of companies are now confident their industry will recover in 2021, including construction, healthcare, and accountancy & finance who are currently the top hiring industries. Whilst the demand in the healthcare sector is no surprise, the incline within the construction industry is not only promising for construction workers but also the economy.

We caught up with Adam Brown, Associate Director of Search Construction & Civil Engineering team to discuss his thoughts on why this is and what he’s seen within the industry over recent months.

What hiring trends have you seen over the last 12 months?
"Right now, we’re seeing rapid growth in the industry. We’ve had a period of hibernation where companies have manned down and workload has decreased, and as confidence has increased this year and restrictions have relaxed, we’ve seen that the industry is growing rapidly. Definitely influenced by key infrastructure projects around the country; HS2, highway projects, and then the backlog of work which was held off from last year that companies are looking to try and catch up on. The confidence is back in the industry, especially in the housing markets, there’s a renewed confidence in regards to the Government initiatives that have been brought in."

What roles are currently the most in-demand?
"In the permanent market, site managers, quantity surveyors, commercial managers have all been recruiting heavily."

What effect has this had on salaries?
"On the permanent side of recruitment, salaries have increased 5-10% over the past few months. As companies look to attract new candidates and new talent pools, they’re having to pay more than their competitors are paying to introduce them - not in all cases, but we’re finding in the majority of times this is becoming prevalent."

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