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​The Challenge

You don’t become a household name overnight, and Sherwin-Williams spent over 100 years masterminding products like Ronseal and Valspar, creating a brand known for quality in over 120 countries.

Unfortunately, when they first approached Search Industrial, their Bolton operation was experiencing fluctuations across production roles. This instability often left Sherwin-Williams short-staffed and the loss of key skills made it harder to maintain the high standards which had become synonymous with their brand.

Our challenge wasn’t just to meet staffing demands, but to ensure those we placed had the skills to deliver the highest levels of quality. However, with anywhere up to 30 temps on-site at once, this was a job requiring scale.

Our Solution

With first-hand experience working within the industry, our consultants were able to develop a clear understanding of the recruitment needs, overall business objectives and challenges.

After the brief, our team integrated as an extension of Sherwin-Williams, setting up within their office to ensure all interviews could be conducted on-site. Using the location, we were able to create a robust interview process that briefed all candidates on the requirements and rotating shift element of the roles.

Retention was also a key part of this project, so we worked closely with internal teams to determine which elements of the job they were unhappy with. Through these conversations, we were able to introduce a policy allowing temporary workers to access the same salary and training available to permanent staff after 12 weeks in the role.

“When we first spoke to Sherwin-Williams, we knew a bespoke solution was needed. Fortunately, we don’t deal in off-the-shelf recruitment packages. For the duration of the project, I relocated to their Bolton office to oversee and provide visibility on the entire process. From here, we launched a number of internal and external projects to bring in the right talent and ensure our client was in the best position to retain them.”
– Louise Turner, Senior Consultant, Search Industrial

The Result

Despite starting the project alongside an incumbent agency, our efficiency in meeting staffing demands awarded us sole supplier status for Sherwin-Williams’ Bolton site. Alongside solving the staff shortage, our work with existing teams increased engagement and improved retention rates across production roles.

Our partnership has helped Sherwin Williams maintain their status as an attractive destination for temporary candidates. Alongside this, our implementation of new internal policies saw a noticeably higher calibre of candidates applying for roles.

“Before working with Search, we’d had trouble attracting and retaining high-quality candidates for our temporary roles. From initial contact, Louise completely understood our problems and moved into our offices to provide support. The entire process was seamless and by the end, we welcomed new candidates and had a noticeably stronger culture.” - Robert Downes, Production Operations Manager, Sherwin Williams