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Navigating the minefield that is the job market can be a challenging one. Over the past 10 years in particular, we have seen a whole host of new job titles created and with technology constantly evolving, exploring the opportunities available is becoming an even bigger job.

Whether you’re fresh out of university and at the start of your professional career or considering a career switch, we’ve compiled a list of 12 jobs you didn't know existed to help you on your journey.

Creative jobs

1. User Experience Designer  

 Salary £27k – 49k

If you’re looking for a creative role that will keep you on your toes, a UX design career may be for you. UX designers are involved in the design of the user experience, typically for software, apps, and websites, but this could also extend to product packaging. A UX designer’s role encompasses design, marketing and psychology to analyse how a user may interact with a product and create designs that will help to continually improve the user experience. Duties could include designing wireframes for products, developing and testing prototypes, and conducting on-site and off-site user research.  

2. Editorial Assistant

Salary £20k-22k

Do you have excellent written communication skills and strong attention to detail? You may want to consider a career as an editorial assistant. As an editorial assistant, you will support editorial staff in producing and publishing journals, magazines, books, and online content. Duties can include proofreading, copywriting, and liaising with authors and contributors. You will also be assisting with the day-to-day running of the team and providing administrative support where possible. 

 3. Market Research Executive

Salary £23k-40k 

Market research executives plan, collect and analyse information for organisations and businesses to gather feedback on a product, service, or policy. Research conducted can span across a range of industries and can help to dictate how a business or organisation next progresses. As a research executive, you may work in-house for a company or work as part of a marketing agency. This is a great role for a highly analytical individual that is looking for a job with plenty of career progression opportunities. 

Vocational jobs 

 1. Art Therapist 

 Salary £21-£28k 

Looking to find a vocational career with variation? A job as an art therapist can provide just that. As an art therapist, you'll be helping clients of all ages overcome their physical, mental, emotional, and social challenges through creative expression. You'll play a key role in assessing your client’s needs and in helping them to work towards an improved sense of wellbeing. You could be working in schools, hospitals, private practice, rehabilitation centres, and senior living facilities.

2.  Family Support Worker 

 Salary £18k – £35k 

No two days are the same as a family support worker. You’ll be vital in improving the lives of children, young adults, and families by providing them with both practical and emotional support. You’ll carry out assessments and mentor your clients through challenging issues. These issues could range from bereavement and domestic abuse to mental health and behavioural problems. Working in a variety of settings, there are plenty of opportunities to diversify your role.  

3.  Activity Coordinator

 Salary £18k-£21k

As an activity coordinator, you could be working in care homes, care centres, or other organisations that require supervised group activities. You’ll be responsible for planning and organising activities to help improve your client's mental health and meet their support plans. If you’re passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and looking for a flexible role, working as an activity coordinator may just be the perfect fit.

Office jobs

1. Data Entry Administrator 

 Salary £16k-£29k 

If you enjoy working in a structured environment and have high attention to detail, you may want to consider a career as a data entry administrator. As a data entry administrator, you’ll be responsible for transferring and condensing complex data into systems and ensuring accurate documentation in the process. This role extends across a variety of industries and can be a great stepping stone for developing a career in administration.

 2. Financial Risk Analyst

Salary £29k-50k

Financial risk analysts are pivotal to any company. They are responsible for identifying and analysing the areas of potential financial risk threatening the success of organisations. As a financial risk analyst, you’ll be responsible for assessing your client's current financial performance and forecasting future trends to determine upcoming costs. If you have strong numerical skills and an analytical mind, this could be a career for you to explore further.

3. Compliance Officer

 Salary £21k - £59k 

Compliance officers ensure that a business is complying with relevant laws and regulations. They may also be responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing and amending company policies, and helping to drive business strategy. They work across a range of environments but have a particularly strong presence in the healthcare and financial services sector. This in-demand role is best suited to those with a high attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills.

Hospitality jobs

1. Events Planner

Salary £21-28k

Organisation skills are essential for this job role. As an event planner, you’ll co-ordinate events from start to finish for a range of occasions. You’ll be tasked with creating great experiences for your guests and bringing your client’s planned vision to life. Duties could include scouting locations, liaising with external stakeholders and negotiating budgets and contracts. You’ll need exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and experience managing multiple tasks at once.

2. Food Product Development Chef

 Salary £22k-50k 

If you have previous experience of working in the kitchen and are looking for a career with more sociable hours, a job as a product development chef might just be for you. In this role, you could be working for national manufacturing companies, caterers, or restaurants to help create new meals and food products. You’ll need to be creative, innovative and in tune with consumer taste trends to exceed in this job role. 

3. Mixologist

Salary £19k-£28k

Are you creative, sociable, and have a love for making exciting drinks? Why not consider a career as a mixologist? As a mixologist, you’ll learn all about the art of drink making, from alcohol history to composition, you’ll be a true expert in your field. You’ll be designing and producing innovative cocktails and mixed drinks for restaurants, caterers and events.

There you have it. We’ve listed 12 careers you didn't know existed. Whilst you may not have found your perfect fit just yet, there are still plenty more career paths to discover. If you’re unsure on what career path to take, or you’re looking to switch careers, get in touch with one of our specialist consultants and they will be more than happy to help.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a career path in mind, why not take a look at our latest jobs today. 

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