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​The outbound sales and customer support sector currently employs around 4% of the UK’s working population. From retail and distribution to finance and the public sector, the industry is the backbone behind many of the UK’s biggest businesses, providing a wide variety of opportunities.

Whether you’ve just recently graduated or looking for a change, starting a career in outbound sales and customer support can provide plenty of benefits.

Flexible working

One of the benefits of outbound sales and customer service is the ability to find a role that fits your needs.

The 9-5 working week doesn’t suit everyone. Fortunately, this sector offers a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re looking for permanent, shift-based or part-time, there’s plenty of roles built to suit your flexibility.

High income and benefits

The outbound sales and customer support sector is growing more competitive as the demand exceeds the supply of candidates. For those looking to take their first step in their career, it means these roles often offer higher than average starting salaries. Alongside this, companies are willing to go above and beyond to retain their best talent, providing commission schemes and plenty of opportunities to develop.

With salary highs often exceeding £35,000 before the commission the sector is also known for benefits packages which commonly include life insurance or free gym memberships, depending on the company.

Develop transferable skills

While some previous experience in a customer-facing or sales role is usually required, there’s also plenty of training provided from the beginning of the contract. Not only can you learn while you earn, but it also provides a great opportunity to develop new skills and grow existing ones.

Many of these skills will help you for the rest of your career including communication, working under pressure and honing your sales technique. Whether you remain in the industry or try something new in the future, these skills will be vital to success.

Building networking opportunities

Having a diverse team help to serve a varied customer base, the sector support brings people together from different generations, backgrounds and cultures. This creates a unique working environment filled with opportunities to build a professional network. Often, you’ll be working with some of the largest household names, meeting people that have established careers in businesses anyone would want on their CV!

Career progression

One of the biggest benefits of working within the outbound sales and customer support sector is the potential for progression. Companies place a real emphasis on training their staff, helping them reach new career goals by promoting from within.

From the moment you join, you’ll be exposed to the different functions within the business. With knowledge of each aspect, you’re free to plan out the direction you want to take your career in.

 At Search, we have hundreds of outbound sales and customer support jobs available. So, if you’re looking to kick-start your career in a sector which can offer progression, flexibility and a competitive salary, take a look at our latest opportunities or get in touch with our team today.