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12th May marks International Nurses Day and it provides a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate the brilliant work nurses do to support and provide care for people everyday across the globe.

Nurses make up the largest proportion of healthcare workers and over this past year, the world has seen first-hand how crucial their role has been in helping to keep people safe.

There could not be a better time to shine a spotlight on some of the talented nurses that work with us. We were delighted to speak to two of them here at Search Nursing, Nicola Scregg; Registered Learning Disability Nurse and Stephen Sheridan; Registered Mental Health Nurse, about their nursing experience and what being a nurse over this past year has meant to them.

Q & A with Nicola and Stephen

Tell me a bit about yourself?

Nicola: I have worked in care since the age of 18. I decided to apply for a nursing degree as I was passionate about putting the needs of others first and providing a high level of care to patients. I now work as a Registered Learning Disability Nurse.

Stephen: I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse with over 30 years experience in a variety of healthcare settings.

What has it meant to be a nurse over this past year?

Nicola: Being a nurse over this past year has been physically and mentally challenging to say the least, but being present and having a positive attitude has never been more vital. The coronavirus pandemic has meant many people have lost their lives and other patients have witnessed this, so it is especially important to be supportive and offer person-centred care. It really can make a difference to someone’s day and that job satisfaction you feel will never get old.

Stephen: This past year has brought its challenges, particularly with limited opportunities to engage patients in recreational and outdoor therapies and being unable to meet families and professionals face to face. However, this has also taught me about working as a team in ever-changing circumstances and how adaptable we can be when we work together.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Nicola: Being able to make a difference to somebody’s life. During my time as a nurse, I have found that a lot of people just want your time. It is most rewarding to be able to give people the time of day and see how they shine when speaking about their achievements in life.

Stephen: Positive 1:1 encounters with patients are very rewarding. Being able to see their progress, witness them increase in independence and overcome obstacles all show that I am making positive difference to their lives.

What advice do you have for new nurses looking to start out their career?

Nicola:Some days can be challenging but then something happens that makes it all worthwhile. We are the voices and advocates for people who cannot express their needs or wishes and being able to enhance their quality of life is a powerful thing to be apart of.

Stephen: I'd advise any new nurses to spend time getting to know their patients and talk to them about their life. Although there are a lot of books out there to learn from, real stories do not always match what we read in a book.

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