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With lockdown three well underway, the gyms shut, and the winter weather being cold and dark, more people than ever are finding it hard to motivate themselves for fitness. Getting enough exercise is essential for physical and mental health, but it can sometimes take a little extra push to get moving.

To combat lockdown fatigue through positive motivation, and to create a sense of togetherness whilst everyone is working from home, the Search Health and Social Care teams started a joint exercise programme - the ‘Lockdown Loop’.

Lockdown Loop is a way for the teams to get out and be active during the UK’s three month lockdown. The team have an app to track their progress, a leader board for a competitive sense of accomplishment, and have been sharing photos as they go about their daily exercise. And it’s all taking place within the Government guidelines.

A virtual tour of Search offices

The team aims to take a virtual route around the UK, a total of 2000 miles in just over 70 days. They will ‘stop off’ via video link, at any local Search offices on their journey round. Lockdown Loop showcases the locations that many of our healthcare and nursing recruiters work in, and gives those involved an opportunity to meet and reunite with their colleagues, albeit virtually for the time being.

“Wellbeing and mental health is so important as the country approaches lockdown three,” says Lisa Mclean, Search Health and Social Care Managing Director.

“Lockdown Loop is a fantastic way to encourage our staff to get out and about, and for us all to be part of the journey. The team have been getting really competitive, and we’ve had people sharing local landmarks on their walks, so it’s really interactive.”

Outdoor physical activity, whether that is a short walk, a run, a bike ride, or even horse riding, all counts towards the team’s overall mileage goal. Not only that, but it has a positive impact on mental health, and having fellow team members on hand to support and motivate is a great way to stay on track.

A recent government report stated that 7 in 10 adults want to get healthier in 2021, and Lockdown Loop is a big step in the right direction for all those working within the Search Health and Social Care teams.

“A lot of our staff have been involved in the frontline COVID response, and of course it has taken a toll. Lockdown Loop helped us break down some of those barriers, checking in on each other, giving the day more structure outside of work hours,” says Lisa.

“We’ve just hit the halfway mark, so a huge congratulations to everyone involved. Can’t wait to see what excitement the next 1000 virtual miles brings!”

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