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​It’s common knowledge that the 2020 pandemic has accelerated the already booming market of online shopping. In turn, this has created a surge in demand for driving jobs across the UK, as people heavily rely on them for essential goods once purchased in-store.

One of the few areas currently growing in an economically stagnant lockdown market, the sector was already experiencing staff shortages, with many drivers over fifty. Coupled with European drivers returning to their native countries ahead of Brexit, the need for reliable workers is higher than ever before.

Over the past twelve months, sourcing and placing LGV professionals has become a growth area for Search, with a 50% increase in demand for driving jobs over the course of the year. Even before the pandemic hit, the demand was there, and now the ever-growing requirements have evolved into its own business unit.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of ‘Search Driving’.

Headed by Associate Director Lindsey Thompson and focusing solely on LGV, Search Driving already boasts a large client-base, working with up to one hundred retailers and hauliers on a weekly basis, and responding to daily demands.

Though the sector has remained largely recession-proof during the pandemic, there is much work still to be done to tackle driver shortages in the marketplace, something exacerbated by the impending end to the Brexit transition period as well as the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

For the last decade Lindsey and her team have worked closely with the Transport Commissioner and the Department for Transport to ensure LGV driver recruitment and placement is as safe, compliant and supportive of efficient placement of drivers.

Lindsey Thompson said: “When the UK first went into lockdown, the business saw demand for driving jobs increase by around c.30% as more people began ordering goods online. That figure has since risen to c.50% and we believe that will continue until well into 2021.

“While the market demand is increasing, access to drivers has become far more competitive. Not only was the sector impacted by Covid with drivers who became ill or needed to self-isolate, but as a large portion our drivers come from the EU and many are returning to their native countries and are then impacted by quarantine, not to mention permanent relocation due to Brexit.”

If you’re interested in driving jobs, or want to speak to one of the Search Driving team about your driving needs, get in touch today. We’re specialists with decades in the industry, and we can help you.