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When you’re interviewing for a job within the logistics industry, regardless of the job or seniority, you will be asked a series of competency based interview questions related to the role.

There are a number of areas of work within the logistics industry including warehouse, transport and stock/inventory, you may apply for. As you progress through a career in logistics, the competency based questions you are asked at an interview will be to highlight your ability, experience and skills to do undertake the role.

To help you prepare for that all-important interview, we asked Managing Consultant for Search Logistics, Jessica Ingram, what the most frequently asked competency based interview questions in Logistics were to help set you up for success in your next logistics interview.

Top 8 Logistics competency based interview questions

  1. “How do you implement Continuous Improvement across the site/operation?”

  2. “Give an example of when you have implemented change within your site/operation and the outcome of it.”

  3. “How do you personally address Health & Safety?”

  4. “Give an example of a time you handled conflict within a workplace.”

  5. “Tell me about a time when you have had to influence an individual/individuals to your way of thinking.”

  6. “Tell me about time when you have had to juggle workload whilst still maintaining the operations SLA’s.”

  7. “How do you retain a motivated and efficient team?”

  8. “How do you engage your team/s to drive efficient processes?”

How to answer competency based interview questions

We recommend that you follow the 4 step STAR technique to ensure your answer is easy to follow and includes a clear challenge and resolution.

STAR is used to structure your answers into 4 core steps.

S - Situation – Describe the situation.

T - Task – What was your task? What were YOU responsible for?

A – Action – What action(s) did YOU take.

R - What were the results?

For further information on the STAR technique and an in-depth guide on how to answer general competency based interview questions, check out our blog.

Are you looking for further advice on how to prepare for your next logistics job interview?

Now that we have highlighted key competency based interview questions commonly asked in a logistics interview, our expert shares a few top tips and resources to help logistics professionals prepare for success;

  • Dress the part – If you want to make a great first impression, going to an interview in jeans can ultimately cost you the role. It is always better to be over dressed.

  • Difference is in the detail - Each site/operation is different, so always set the scene and give detail to the environment you have worked in to highlight your experience and knowledge.

  • Take OWNERSHIP of your achievements, if you lead a project/change make sure you use the phrases ‘I implemented...’ or ‘I noted, so changed...’. Similarly give credit when it is due and speak about your business or team as ‘we’ when you have assisted with a team initiative.

  • Prepare questions –Always be prepared with questions but remember to edit them according to your conversation. If they have already been covered you can always address previous points in more depth. For example, “Earlier we spoke about Continuous improvement, what is your business currently doing to improve processes?” Check out our top 5 questions to ask at interview to get you started.

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About our expert

Jessica has 5 years of experience in recruitment within the logistics market. Based in our Birmingham office, she recruits mid to senior Logistics professionals across the UK whilst overseeing the junior management logistics team for the Midlands.

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