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Tales from the frontline. Jess’s story.

Within the bracket of key workers providing vital services, support workers are one group who continue to do amazing work.

In the next of Search’s stories from the frontline, we wanted to champion Jess Swindells, a support worker who, while playing a vital role supporting those in care homes, herself was infected with Covid-19.

Now recovered, she is back on the frontline. This is her update to her colleagues.

Everyone is cheering for all key workers, yet sometimes the cheers focus in on the NHS staff. However, there is an army of vital workers, the carers going into homes on a daily basis where we now know Covid-19 is causing real harm.

At the moment, the most difficult area of my job is caring for some of the most vulnerable individuals while knowing there is no cure.

Every day we are putting ourselves and our families at risk - the exposure to  contracting Covid-19 is clear and present at all times.

It’s really hard working in a home where families or friends cannot visit their loved ones, only being able to see them through a window. It’s even harder knowing you physically can’t help – but that’s why we strive to make them comfortable and give them the care they deserve.

There seems to be an awful lot of confusion when it comes to Covid-19 in care homes, mainly due to the lack of tests.

Every cough or sneeze means total isolation. Away from family, friends and compounding matters, seeing carers going into rooms dressed in full PPE. It must be scary and confusing for residents.

I was asked the question, why do I go in if it is a confirmed Covid-19 case? The answer is because I care.

I care about the people I look after, and I want them to be as healthy and as comfortable as they can be. Without me and my fantastic colleagues, the care will not be given.

Put simply, that’s why I still go in day after day, knowing there is a chance I may contract it.

Of course it bothers me but life isn’t about the ‘what ifs’, it’s about what I can do now.

We will be sharing more stories from within the Search family and capturing the experiences that Covid-19 is presenting our workers with.

If you have a story to share or a co-worker you would like to nominate for making a real difference, tell us here.

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