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We know that, as a Sales Professional, you are likely to want to defy the odds: where other people give up, you persevere.

80% of people fail their new years resolutions by February and only 8% make it through the full year accomplishing their goals.

Search has compiled their list of the top 5 tips you could use  as a Sales Professional to accelerate your career success, improve your KPI’s and see real results throughout 2020. So, you can join the 8% and meet your 2020 career goals.

You don’t need the 1st of January to be your goal setting date – start now!

Achieve your sales goals and improve your KPIs by always asking yourself, Why?

​For you to be a successful sales person, someone who sells well, has retained clients and works SMART, you need to ensure you understand the science of your sales process (and your customers’ needs)

Throughout 2020 make a habit that, to you and your team, the sale is not over until you understand why it was a win or a loss. Think to yourself, why did I get this sale? Why did I not get that sale? Each successful or unsuccessful sale is a huge learning opportunity that you can carry forward to your next sale, and help you improve your chances of creating stronger pipelines (and commissions!)

Keep notes, tracking successes and mistakes, so you can learn from your mistakes and refresh yourself on the do’s and don’ts before your next pitch or negotiation. Doing this will contribute to your CPD, increase your confidence and thus increase chances of sales success.

​How can 9 minutes per day on LinkedIn will improve your KPIs?

​Research shows that investing just 9 minutes per day on LinkedIn is enough time for you start reaping the benefits in your sales career, such as greatly increasing your network, improving your pipeline and sales opportunities. Warm calls are better than cold calls!

Take a look at your profile and ensure you put your best foot forward - showcasing your passions and attributes in the summary whilst highlighting your experience, skills and achievements in your work history sections. Give your LinkedIn a makeover!

A clean and insightful LinkedIn personal profile will help establish credibility and trust with those you connect with. Once you’ve accomplished this, you can spend less than 10 minutes per day keeping up to date with your clients and staying connected. Spend 5 mins per day checking your home page for movers and shakers, and engaging content which will improve your chances of being seen.  Share content that is relevant to your client base and opportunities to connect with new clients will present themselves.

​Are you missing 70% of your total sales opportunities?  

​It is estimated that at least 70% of jobs are never listed, but instead filled internally or through networking and job referrals. The same can be said for buyers.

Getting an opportunity to speak with potential clients face-to-face can leave a powerful and memorable influence that can put you above the competition in securing deals and hearing about opportunities before anyone else.

We suggest that you and your team make a consistent effort to attend networking events. Even if you do not meet the right client at an event, if you leave a lasting good impression on someone they could refer you to a client in the future.

​How can you boost your profits by 25%?

​As many of us set our personal goals and resolutions, you may want to work on improving relationships. For example, looking after your clients better.

Increasing customer retention by 5% can boosts profits by 25%–90% - a great goal!

You need to ensure that you maintain strong healthy relationships with your clients. As sales professionals you spend a lot of time seeking out new potential clients and business, but it is important not to let your current client base feel neglected, unappreciated or undervalued. This repeat business often gives us the highest ROI with the quickest and cheapest process. In fact, Acquiring a new customer costs 5–25 times more than keeping an existing customer.

Also, remember the importance of keeping open communication with your team and maintaining good relationships with your team members to sustain high morale. A bad manager “catches” their team doing something bad and picks them up on it. A good manager can spot what their team is doing wrong and how to fix it. A great manager ”catches” their team doing something right celebrates it. 

​Seizing Opportunity and Embracing Change.

Glassdoor states that 18%, almost 1 in 5 people, consider a job move in January. It is expected to be even higher this year as many more people are finding themselves wanting a fresh start at the turn of the new decade.

With this in mind, companies are going to be on the search for talent during this time to make the most of the rush. This presents a golden opportunity to the driven and ambitious Sales Professionals who seek to accomplish accelerated career progression. Apply for job roles during this time rather than waiting for a rare internal promotion opportunity.

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Conquer 2020 by switching or progressing in your career - we can help.

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