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20th January is Blue Monday and it’s not difficult to see why. With Christmas and New Year over, it means the endless feasts, drinking and family gatherings are put on hold for another year to make way for the more daunting prospect of returning back to work.

Pockets are smaller, motivation levels are low and stress levels start to rise… Sound familiar? It’s no surprise that more than a third of all sick days are taken in January.  So, if you need a bit of extra motivation to help you dive back into your job, read on to explore our 5 ways to beat the January blues at work in 2020.

Start your day right 

The way you start your day can massively impact your mood, so here’s some blues-busting tips you can try:

  • Give yourself plenty of time in the morning. Rushing around is bound to cause unwanted stress, so set your alarm a bit earlier to make for a calmer morning.

  • Beat the January blues by listening to an upbeat playlist on the way to work, it’s a great way to improve your mood.

  • Eat breakfast; an empty stomach and January blues do not mix well together. A hearty breakfast will help give you the fuel you need to plough through those difficult first few hours.

  • Take time to prepare yourself for work or wear your favourite work outfit. Making yourself feel good will allow you to think more positively about the day ahead.

Beat the January blues at work by listening to your body

Although you may feel like you’re drowning in work, you should never put too much pressure on yourself to perform at an optimal level 100% of the time.

Instead, listen to your body and ease yourself into tasks. Try to complete the easier tasks first to get into the swing of things and leave the more challenging tasks for moments of the day where you feel more energetic.

For example, if you’re a morning person, tackle that big project over a steaming mug of coffee, and leave email responses for the post-lunch slump.

Plan for things to look forward to in 2020

Instead of dwelling on what has been, focus on the exciting things to come in 2020.

Whether it’s a holiday or a birthday celebration, having something to look forward to can boost your happiness levels.

To keep you feeling positive, why not consider downloading a calendar countdown app to prepare you for your next holiday or event and to keep those January blues at bay.

Step away from the job and take a break

It’s always important to socialise with your colleagues, as they offer a simple distraction from the stress at your desk.

Catch up with them over your lunch break and discuss the things you got up to over Christmas to help lift your mood!

If you work in a city centre location, then why not hit the shops and treat yourself to something in the sales?

Set yourself career goals for 2020

To distract yourself from your January blues, focus on what you want to achieve in 2020.

It has been revealed that jobs with a lack of focus on goals can lead to a 30% decrease in someone’s capacity and performance potential. So, setting yourself some realistic career goals for 2020 will help you regain your focus.

Put a plan in place to get promoted in 2020 or broaden your horizons by learning a new skill.New Skills Academy offers many online courses in a wide range of subjects-an easy way to learn new skills independently. Check out the courses they have to offer and take advantage of a discount of up to 80% using our code!

If you would appreciate some guidance and advice on what to focus on or what to do next, then you can always contact one of our specialist recruiters who will be happy to help and point you in the right direction.

Find a new job or career in 2020

One in five employees (according to Glassdoor) will beat the January blues by updating their CV in January to look for a new job in 2020.

If this applies to you, then find out how to write a great CV, and lots of other great advice on our blog.

Perhaps you need a totally fresh new challenge for 2020? It’s never too late for a career change. If you need some inspiration then read some inspiring career stories from people at Search and understand that there is no wrong path to your perfect job.

All set to beat the January Blues?

Best of luck with beating the January blues at work and making 2020 a successful year.

Get in touch if you’d like us to help you tailor your plan or to find a new job or career in 2020.

Or, if you have a career or job role in mind, view and apply to our jobs and  explore the many great opportunities we have to offer.