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We are delighted to announce the promotion of Alison Campbell to Associate Director for Call Centre recruitment in Scotland.

Alison joined Search’s Glasgow recruitment agency as a Senior Divisional Manager back in 2017 following a two-year career gap to focus on family commitments. Since then, she has gone on to achieve tremendous success and lead her teams to new heights.

We caught up with her to find out more about why she joined #TeamSearch, her secrets for career progression as a Recruitment Manager, and the exciting plans for her team moving into 2020.

What inspired you to join Search?

After taking a two-year break from the recruitment scene to focus on my family, Search was my first company of choice in which to jump back into the game. This was down to both Search’s reputation in the Scottish market and the overall brand, which was and is synonymous with success!

Upon meeting with Julie Calisir, who I am now privileged to work closely with, I was immediately drawn to her passion and how she embodied all of Search’s core values. I was also excited by the clear avenues for career progression. The team was growing at the time, and this was my opportunity to bring fresh ideas and experience toward establishing something great and owning its success!

Not many companies rush to hire people returning to work after a large career gap, so I was also thoroughly impressed by how forward-thinking, flexible and supportive Search proved to be in regards to taking me on board.

Apart from your promotion to Associate Director, what have been the top three highlights in your journey with Search so far?

It’s tough to narrow my Search highlights down to three, as there have been so many! But here it goes…

  1. Winning to Team of the Year title at Search’s 2018 Beyond Exceptional Awards, following a record-breaking 225% year on year growth. #SquadGoals

  2. Receiving recognition for being knowledgeable and consultative, and becoming a 2019 Search values champion for these attributes as a result.

  3. The people I work with - I’m tremendously proud of my team, and working alongside so many knowledgeable and passionate Consultants has certainly been a highlight for me throughout my career at Search thus far. 

What are your top three tips for anyone hoping to progress to the role of Associate Director at Search?

Although Search certainly provides multiple avenues for career progression, you need to be willing to put in the work and dedication. I have also found that treating others how I would like to be treated as served me well in developing important relationships with my colleagues, clients and candidates. I also recommend continuously identifying areas where you can add value, and not being shy to voice your ideas and take initiative.

Search is a business which truly recognises and rewards your passion, ambition and drive as a Recruiter. So if you continuously exhibit these behaviours in everything you do, the results will follow and you will go far in this business!

What are your plans for your teams in Scotland as we fly into 2020?

Following last year’s tremendous growth in my team’s contribution of £896,000, I’m pleased to say that my team is on track to achieve – and potentially exceed – the same level of growth as we race toward 2020.

I look forward to continuing to developing my team and promoting from within, thus rewarding the hard work and achievements from the exceptional Consultants I work with.

With over 90,000 people employed within 400 contact centres throughout Scotland, it’s safe to say the industry’s recruitment landscape is more demanding than ever. Technological innovation is therefore essential to managing high volume campaigns, and we will continue to support the companies we work with by identifying and adopting the most efficient recruitment solutions we can get our hands on.

Are you recruiting for your team at the moment?

It’s exciting times for Call Centre recruitment in Scotland, more so when you’re working at #TeamSearch. We are looking for people to join us, so if you fancy working for a recruitment company that genuinely invests in the success and development of their employees, than check out how you can further your recruitment career at Search! 

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