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If you’re an HGV Driver planning the next step in your career, you may be planning to work towards receiving another HGV licence upgrade. 

Alongside the standard Driver CPC (which all HGV Drivers have to hold, by law), there are a number of other HGV licences you can work towards which will widen your scope for driving jobs and increase your earning potential at the same time.

In this blog, our driving recruitment team share 3 HGV licence upgrades you can make, and what they mean for your future career.

3 HGV Licence upgrades you can do now

1. Cat C 

If you’re looking to upgrade your professional driver status, or just want to find out where to start with your HGV driving career, you should be looking at getting your Cat C HGV licence first. A Cat C HGV licence is a broad term which covers vehicles over 3500kg and trailers up to 750kg. It is also known as a Class 2 licence, but both refer to exactly the same qualification. HGVs driven under this licence are sometimes known as rigid body vehicles, and are the types of lorries you usually see transporting goods across the country or Europe.

Whether you already have your HGV C1 or C1+E licence, or are starting your additional training from simply holding a car licence, your LGV/HGV Cat C is the key to unlocking multiple job opportunities.

Earning potential for Experienced Drivers with a Cat C HGV Licence: £24,000 – £28,000 per annum

2. Cat C+E 

If you’re already an experienced Cat C HGV Driver, and want to see what your earning potential might be, then a step up to Cat C+E will give you a wider choice of higher paid driving jobs. When you have upgraded to your Cat C+E licence, you can drive category C vehicles with a trailer over 750kg.

Earning potential for Experienced Drivers with a Cat C+E HGV Licence: £28,000 – £40,000 per annum

3. Specialist HGV Licence upgrades - ADR or PDP

Drivers of vehicles with tanks and certain tank components as well as Drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods in packages, are required to hold a special vocational certificate of training, sometimes referred to informally as an ‘ADR Certificate’. Typically LGV Trainees take these courses after completing their HGV training, and renew it within a 5-year cycle.

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The Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) is an industry initiative backed by the Government to ensure that all Petroleum Tanker Drivers in the UK are trained and assessed to a consistently high standard. The PDP has been designed to fit in with existing industry training and be delivered alongside ADR and Driver CPC and is renewed on the same 5 year cycle as the ADR training certificate.

Holding an ADR or PDP licence can make all the difference in your earning potential, and unlock the door to a wide range of great career opportunities within niche areas of the driving industry.

Earning potential for experienced Drivers with a ADR or PDP Licence: £45,000 and upwards per annum

Need an upgrade to your HGV driving job?

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